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  1. Since 2013 work as a bachelor, 1.5 years as social enterprise incubator associate and then one year abroad in oxfam for an internship. Currently an advisor for government agency. Yes, the financial aid office told me I would be in for reconsideration but srating april 15th. any suggestion?
  2. Heyyyy Guys! Just got admitted to LSE MPA and SIPA'S MPA and MPA-DP. My aim is to work on international development and at global initiatives and agencies (such as UNDP, FAO, USAID,etc). None of them have offered me funding. But, from what I have heard is easier to get student loans and/or second-year funding at SIPA. But, LSE's tuiton fee is significant lowe. But I love Columbia. I am quite confused. Any advice? Anyone on the same boat. Also, I have to decide between the 2 SIPA programs.
  3. @internationalaffiars88 thanks for your answer hope I make it tooo!
  4. Also got accepted into SIPA! but no funding I am quite curious about the profile of the people that got it (GPA, GRE, career etc): Can you share it wiith me please?
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