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  1. Hi All- I've been reading through the first generation posts and noticed several other McNair Alums like myself posting. I'm wondering what everyone's experiences have been as grad students from these programs? How has your preparation from these programs helped you? What have you adapted/changed in your years as a graduate student? Any negatives? What do you miss? One of the difficulties I've had is establishing connections with grad students of similar backgrounds on my campus. I guess I miss the shared experiences and "must do this" attitude!!
  2. I'm also a McNair Alum- and older first generation student-- just finished my first year. I do see a difference in how I percieve the work of grad school from others in my program who are not McNair or first gen grad students. At times when the work was overwhelming the experience of McNair particularly the 2009 Buffalo conference McNair speaker has been one of the view things to pull me through. My grad university does have a McNair program and I was told to drop in by my own McNair director- as this would offer a place of support/enthusiasm. Has anyone done this? Also, my outlook as a f
  3. Hi Phyllis- I was just reviewing some of the reply to my 'older student' post. Did you establish this group? How did you go about it? My university doesn't even have a regular informal graduate group!
  4. OMG- Prada and Armani!! that has to be a joke!! Who has time to maintain such items with grad school!! I have a hard enough time keeping my car clean from my 2 hour daily commuting!!! But I must tell you Poco that as a mom of 3 I've always had an affection for a good thrift or consignment store. However, since grad school start I've REALLY developed a stronger appreciation! Last fall I found a new with tags (@ $90) Cold Water Creek navy wool blazer for only $15 bucks- love it and wear it about once a week through 2 cold seasons!! I highly recommend these instead of target ect- just think
  5. My program is semi-business casual because of TA responsibilities ect. I have noticed several interesting phenomenon’s during my earlier grad visits, conferences, and in the grad program/university I selected. 1- Just because the profs dress casual doesn’t mean this is necessarily accepted for grad students. A few friends who have attained positions/tenure/ or retired have mentioned this- in some programs a faculty dress changes once tenure is achieved! Also, that while first impressions count the ones after count even more! Ex- are you consistently dressed appropriately professional? This
  6. Hi - Just wondering if I was the only 'older' grad student out here. I am in my department plus the only one with children. My university seems to have very little networking opportunities for this (my/our) demographic and it's getting a little lonely out here. So... here's an attempt at starting a conversation. Are you an 'older' or 'nontrad' grad student? How's the experience for you been so far? - Lillian
  7. Hi Everyone – This is a topic I desperately needed to see on the boards! Parenting in Grad school! As a mom of two children and a non-trad student (I finished my undergrad in my late 30s and now am in my first year of the doctoral program) My opinion is that any work conflicts with family responsibilities and joys. Time management and balance are crucial- our relationships with our children (and their own development as persons) and with our partners (if that be the case) should NOT suffer neglect from this process. I’ve gotten to the point that if I hear one more person and especiall
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