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  1. Thrasymachus

    Waitlist Thread

    I'm currently on the waitlist at Fordham and was told where I stood back in February, but no news since (and it doesn't seem to be a school many people post about). I'm wondering if there's anyone who would be so kind as to share whether they have accepted/declined an offer there to help me sort out my situation.
  2. Thrasymachus

    Continental philosophy applicants/students?

    In terms of departments that are strong in Continental thought generally, you might also want to add Duquesne, Villanova, Memphis, Loyola Chicago, Boston College, (and if you're interested in Canadian schools) McGill and Toronto. Some other places which aren't quite as Continental but also have some strong faculty are Georgetown and Temple. These departments will all certainly be strong for anyone interested in Marx, Heidegger, and social/political thought. As for Lacan/Badiou/Zizek/psychonalysis, you're probably going to have to look at individual faculty members at these programs. Hopefully this helps but I'd be interested to hear if people have other suggestions.

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