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  1. Hi! I live in Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. I am trying to gain as many observation hours as I can before I submit an OT application to TWU. I only have 20 hours from Children's right now. One hospital in Lewisville do not accept observers. Where have you guys contacted for observations? Is it common to find many clinics reject observers? Thanks!
  2. I am currently an online student with Utah State Univ. Their COMD courses have been wonderful online compared to another online course I took somewhere in VA. I am sure they have other courses you need. But it is around $299 per credit hour. If you choose Human Anatomy or any lab required science course in any online schools, just confirm whether you need to order a lab kit or not. I tried chemistry through my local online community college course and wasted extra fees on a lab kit - it was hard doing the lab work outside of class.
  3. Schatzie15, that would be awesome to hear from other teachers and career changers! I will email Dr Stillman and UNT - just never thought they would be friendly enough to advise a student calling or emailing them. UTD would be my top choice for the graduate program, of course! I can email them or message you with my email. I appreciate your help! (:
  4. Thank you for your suggestions. I may seriously think about moving to a campus based undergrad program. I will consider adding my teaching experience to my personal statement. Thanks!
  5. littlebit, stay in touch for sure! YES, it helps to know we are not alone with complicated decisions. I am thinking about transferring to Univ of North TX campus in the spring '17 for undergrad work... not sure yet. I hope our past MA degree looks good on the application and all that work doesn't go to a waste.
  6. Hi! I read some of your comments on other posts and find a connection with your personal background of being a mom, etc. I just started 2nd Bachelors online program with Utah State and read that you did also (forgot how old your comment was). If you don't mind me asking you for some advice, I would appreciate your opinion for nontraditional students like me --- Do you have any suggestions on getting academic LOR for grad school when I have been out of school for so long? I know USU professors are willing to provide references based on my grades, but I feel as if a lack of research experience will be a disadvantage for me. 

    - Patty (aka MrsLee1122)

  7. I am still learning about the application process but looks like everyone here gave great advice. I agree with CBG321 - it seems like you are on target with bilingual skills, research, and observation hours! WOW!!
  8. Hi, Everyone! I am new to Grad Cafe but so happy I found a community. I am a non-traditional student - married with a kid, certified teacher in TX, taught Kinder for four years, obtained M.A. in another field 12 years ago.... After being exposed to SLP's in public schools, I really wanted to do this. I just started an online 2nd Bachelors for COMD through Utah State. I am planning to apply for grad school in 2018 Jan/Feb (for their deadlines). I feel nervous about getting a strong academic LOR because my professors from the online program can write references based on my grades. Does
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