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  1. Chapel Hill, NC

    Hi I notice no one talks about staying in school grad housing Baity hill grad/family housing. Most of you are looking at private ones out of school. Are there any reasons why? I am coming with my spouse and two young children in August 2017 - flying in from South East Asia.
  2. UNC Chapel Hill 2017

    Hi, I am heading to chapel hill this fall 17 too! looking forward. what housing will you be staying in? when do you plan to arrive in CH? I will be staying in Baity hill and hope to arrive first week of Aug
  3. Fall 2017 PhD

    Pple may reject, u never know. I have looked at umich yearly admission stats before and there were pple who rejected the offers haha me accepted by SSA? I have no idea. But no news is good news? Haha. Is ok. I am quite chilled abt it.
  4. Fall 2017 PhD

    For those who applied to Chicago, I noticed a new clickable icon "decision documents' on the top part of the application website. However my status still state "There is no update to your application status to report."
  5. Fall 2017 PhD

    Hi I have just been "denied" admission to Wisoncin-Madison. There is no email sent and i found out about it when i checked the system. (i feel that they should use a better word than "denied" haha)
  6. Fall 2017 PhD

    Thanks @Lois1955
  7. Fall 2017 PhD

    Not me as well
  8. Fall 2017 PhD

    Wow good for u that u had an interview with Chicago. A v good sch. I applied too but I think I don't have a chance since I didn't get an interview. I remember you have Two more choice - Chi and ucla - after Berkeley rejected. Hope u get one of these two!! U are one step closer!
  9. Fall 2017 PhD

    Any updates? Nothing for me. Still waiting for an interview date with wash uni.
  10. Fall 2017 PhD

    Sorry to hear that too. Hope you will have good news from your other applications!
  11. Fall 2017 PhD

    Congrats to your acceptance to UNC - I was also accepted. I am also waiting for an interview date to be given by WU St Louis! Your interview is a face to face interview at WU? Nope, nothing from Michigan! Hang on everyone!
  12. Fall 2017 PhD

    You have to travel there? It seems that travel expenses will be provided? yeah i think it is too late to know in April. eeks...
  13. Fall 2017 PhD

    If i don't get in, I will try again next year! But that will be probably be my last attempt. life goes on even while waiting, so I am still having fun with my kids, finishing up my research here and hope to get some pubs done, working etc.... Distract myself from the waiting haha
  14. Fall 2017 PhD

    Yeah we shld be hearing some news soon. Keep us informed. I didn't apply to any of these 3 schools.
  15. Fall 2017 PhD

    Oh I just got an email inviting me for an interview from Washington Uni St. Louis!