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  1. Can anyone aid me in my decision, I just need some information and other opinions. 1. University of Maryland, College Park. M.Eng in Systems Engineering. 2. University of Texas Dallas. MS Systems Engineering. 3. Rutgers Master of Information Technology (MIT) 4. Oklahoma State University MS MIS (Management of Information Systems) These are the schools I got into, and now I can't decide. a) Should I pursue Systems Engineering or Information Systems, being an international student I do not have a detailed idea of which is better as far as job prospects go, what I do know is that Systems is meant for engineers with experience and may be tough to find a job in. Can anyone confirm this? b)If Systems, is Maryland or Dallas the better option, Maryland is cheaper (as far as M.Eng goes anyway) c) Lastly, Rutgers, the program is appealing (and costly) and again the main confusion is should I pick this instead of Systems? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey guys, I'm confused as can be. I got into the University of Maryland College Park's M.Eng in Systems Engineering as well as UT Dallas's Systems Engineering and Management Program (both spring sessions) Now two things; I applied in Systems since I wanted to change from Electrical Engineering (which I did in my BS) but now I hear that the career outlook for Systems Engineering isn't all that good, especially for an international student. So I figured I'd go to Dallas and transfer to their ITM Program. Can anyone tell me how easy it would be to transfer majors? Or should I just attend Systems Engineering, and if this, so which university? I can't wait for the Fall sessions, as that will be too far. And is Systems Engineering really difficult to get a job in?
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