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  1. Hey, Yes, I've got the admissions from Miami and Arizona, even though Arizona gave me conditional offer about TOEFL or IELTS. Thus, I'm not considering Arizona. Maybe, it was on early Feb. And I applied them before first priority due data, maybe early December. Thank you.
  2. Could you advise or comment me any evaluation and information in below universities? Those all are Biostatistics Ph.D. Indiana University - Purdue University (IUPUI)/ NYU/ Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU)/ University of Illinois-Chicago/ University of Florida Let's talk about that. Thank you very much.
  3. I see. We have to depend on the funding environment. As we all know, the trend in biostatistics in the US is being focused on genetic research becase of funding grant from govern or federal etc. I heard that that's why professors in biostatistics always have biostatistical researches with genetics. But, the genetics in biostatistics is quite weak and you can make it. Unfortunately, it is very hard to avoid genetics in your PhD researches, even though your focusing is clinical trails. Anyway, I'm also considering several schools which provide full funding. Although I got some admissions from others, they don't give full funding.... I recommand that you have making the best decision regardless of genetics because it is not hard you think. And, you can focuse on clinical trials without genetics anywhere.
  4. To sum it up your opinion, how about Umich? I think michigan is one of best solution in terms of your considering regional environment, biostatistical study without biological background, and future career in industry after your PhD. Even though UNC and UW are very excellent schools in biostatistics, they almost tend to stay academia after PhD we know. I saw your post and there are some disadvantages in your mind, but for Umich, there is no reason why you can't go there. In addition, biostatistics graduate program in Umich is quite good! I got rejection from them....T^T. I'm zealous of you caz you have lots of offers from reputational school. Anyway, I hope you make the best decision!. How about other source such as funding?
  5. such good information! Both Miami and IUPUI seem to be excellent to study biostatistics for PhD. My main interest is longitudinal and survival analysis. IUPUI has lots of faculty members who are expert in my interest and they are doing related to biostatistical research. I have to consider in my biostatistics career in academia, post-doc and professor. There are several biostatistics phd programs in the US which are new. Thus, I'm very confused what university is the most profitable to me. T^T
  6. Do you guys have any information for Biostatistics PhD program at IUPUI(Indiana University) and Miami?
  7. I got some interview with UC San Diego, but I don't have an admission yet. In case of Miami and Arizona, they give offers without an interview.
  8. I got several official letter in biostatistics phd program. After Ph.D., I hope to continue my biostatistical research as post-doc and professor. I'm wondering the future career in biostatistics after Ph.D. as follow universities. NYU, Miami, Indiana, Arizona, Wisconsin-Madison, South Carolina, Penn State, UC San Diego, University of Florida. The thing is that they are not included in the ranking of biostatistics phd program because those programs are belonging to medical school.
  9. I applied biostatistics phd at UW-Madison. and I just recieved official letter from UW-Madison. But, they indicated the admission without any funding... is it possible?? As we all know, application in UW biostat is managed by department of statistics. Should I ask the department of biostatistics about funding? UW-Madison is the top university I want... Could you help me as an advice?
  10. Thanks for informing rankings in graduate program of biostatistics. To be honest, I'm waiting for an admission several universities listed in your rankings (Johns Hopkins, Michigan, UNC, Minnesota etc...). But, I don't receive any official letter or interview offer from them until now.... Also, I've gotten offer from my listed universites. So, I was wondering about the rankings among them... Thanks.
  11. I wanna get some information about ranking in Biostatistics Ph.D. program in the US. Furthermore, could you evaluate Ph.D. program in New York University, IUPUI(Indiana University), and University of Miami? Thank you very much, in advance!
  12. Thank you very much! Thanks to your advice, I was quite good at my interview. Thanks again.
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