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  1. Did anyone else (MPA Nonprofit Management, or others) NOT get their decision today?
  2. Never heard anything about the fellowship selection process, still hoping I get in and the other merit scholarships are a possibility...
  3. Is anyone else planning to do an optional interview with a Wagner admissions officer or professor? On that note, is there anything else we can do while waiting for the March notification date?
  4. Hoping to revive this thread again. I applied for the Goldberg fellowship for 2017.
  5. Do you recommend submitting your GRE scores for test-optional MPA or MPP programs? My verbal score is 150, which is average but not bad - do you think it would help my case?
  6. Hello! I also applied for the Wagner Dec 15 deadline and am in the waiting game. Good luck!
  7. Hello! I am applying to MS or MBA in Nonprofit Management programs for Fall '17, and haven't seen many threads about these programs, so I have questions for anyone who's applying or enrolled: How many years of work experience did you and your classmates have when you enrolled? I will be 2 years post-undergrad. Some program brochures said the average student has between 6-8 years of experience? What opportunities has your MBA/MPA/MS degree opened? Is it a good investment to get this degree instead of working in a nonprofit for the same length of time? Are online/distance le
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