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    Couples and Sex Therapy, Multicultural Counseling, Social Justice informed practice and research, Research interests: LGBTQ populations, Ethnic, Religious, and Sexual Minorities, Multiple Minority Oppressions
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  1. Dream Psychology

    You could look into Carl Jung and research organizations/professors who utilize his work. I know there are Jungian centers around the country, Houston, TX has a fairly large one. I also know a professor at University of Maryland-College Park in the Counseling Psych department does dream work research.
  2. Fall 2017 Counseling Psychology Applicants

    Thanks for sharing! The lack of funding is nerve racking. But I really enjoyed my interview with my POI as well, and there's another professor who I'm interested in working with too. Open bar-maybe that means they are pretty chill overall?! Haven't heard back yet, if I get accepted I'll probably go visit in person and see how I feel about it. Good luck!
  3. Fall 2017 Counseling Psychology Applicants

    Noob question....what does DCT stand for? Director of Clinical Training? Also, did anyone interview in person with U of Denver? I had a skype interview and am just wondering what the in person experience was like.
  4. Fall 2017 Counseling Psychology Applicants

    Denver had their interviews on the 3rd. I think Maryland did as well...I never heard back from Maryland though.
  5. Fall 2017 Counseling Psychology Applicants

    What's standard for replying to a waitlist email? Do I need to reply saying thanks for informing me and I'll keep you updated if I want to be taken off the list or is that not necessary?
  6. Fall 2017 Counseling Psychology Applicants

    I don't know what to think....someone posted that invites would go out today but no one posted about getting an invite today.
  7. Hi there, You would probably have better luck posting/searching on reddit. There are several posts about this on the psychotherapy board. After I graduated I worked in my supervisor's private practice and gave her half of my hourly rate instead of having to rent out space and pay for overhead costs. It'd be worth looking into overhead costs for renting a space and deciding if it's worth it, especially because it takes a while to build up a client base.
  8. Fall 2017 Counseling Psychology Applicants

    University of Memphis sent out an email this morning for interviews. Others are posting about Columbia and Boston College (I applied to both) and I haven't heard anything, so the anxiety is rising! Of course the final 3 CP programs I was waiting on all get back to applicants on the same day!
  9. Fall 2017 Counseling Psychology Applicants

    That's ok...their loss! We only want programs that want and see potential in us I tell myself that if a program doesn't see the value in me, that it can't be the perfect program for me. I really believe it's all about fit.
  10. Fall 2017 Counseling Psychology Applicants

    Hey everyone, I've been checking out this board for a while but just caved and made an account to post. I've applied to 9 Counseling Psych programs and 1 HDFS/MFT program, all at the doctoral level. I applied to: UGA- HDFS/MFT University of Tennessee-Knoxville- Counseling Psych University of Texas at Austin- CP University of Memphis- CP University of Maryland- CP Loyola Chicago- CP Boston College- CP Columbia University- CP University of Missouri-Kansas City- CP University of Denver- CP So far I've been invited to interview with Denver, UM Kansas City, and Loyola Chicago. I haven't heard from other programs, but since some people have reported hearing back from a few of those, I'm assuming I didn't get one (Maryland, UT Austin, UTK).