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  1. Undergrad Institution: Top 115 USNWR, Public Major(s): Mathematical Statistics Minor(s): Biology GPA: 3.63 Type of Student: DWM GRE General Test: Q: 166 (91%) V: 156 (72%) W: 5.0 (93%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: N/A TOEFL Score: N/A Grad Institution: N/A Concentration: N/A GPA: N/A Programs Applying: Variety, see below. Research Experience: Nearly two years of research in physics/physical chemistry, with multiple conferences (including American Physical Society March Meeting) and multiple publications in excellent journals(impact factors above 4). Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Handful of honor societies and scholarships. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: N/A Letters of Recommendation: (1) Research professor who more than likely praised the research; decent name in physics (2) Statistics professor and adviser, spoke more to aspirations and character I assume (3) Biostatistics professor who probably wrote a basic letter, but is a pretty big name Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Biggest thing that helps my application are my publications, plus I was able to finish my undergrad in 2 years. Applying to Where: I think its clear I wanted to be back in the South :-) Vanderbilt University -- Biostatistics, PhD -- Accepted [Will Attend] University of Kentucky -- Statistics, MS -- Accepted University of Louisville -- Industrial and Applied Mathematics, PhD -- Accepted University of Alabama -- Applied Statistics, PhD -- Accepted University of Tennessee -- Mathematics, PhD -- Withdrew University of Memphis -- Applied Statistics, PhD -- Withdrew
  2. Hello, I have noticed that a few interview results have been posted over in the admissions results and that someone also denied an interview. Has anyone over here received any results? This is my number one school and I have not received any correspondence yet. Thanks!
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