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  1. Congratulations!! So happy that you finally got the good news you were waiting for!
  2. Just got an acceptance from a program where my PI previously found out he couldn't take any students after the interview. I had an official rejection letter and everything! Just in case anyone needed any hope today that crazy things can still happen.
  3. Declined an offer from Suffolk University's program today, hopefully this helps someone!
  4. Just accepted my offer from Syracuse! It's such a relief to be done with this process.
  5. Anyone know when we should expect to hear back from Columbia TC post-interview?
  6. Wow, UConn lost funding this year and my POI is no longer taking students (after initially very strongly saying they would be able to). I wish they could've figured that out before I spent money going to interview... knowing that you would've gotten in in a normal year is almost worse than a straight up rejection.
  7. Same thing happened to me, and I unexpectedly got an interview invite last week! I checked my application and it was still listed as "incomplete" when I got the interview email. So don't worry yet! I heard from someone in the program that they keep sending out invitations until pretty late in the game.
  8. For people who applied to Columbia TC Clinical: They have a short list of applicants that are currently being phone screened, and should start sending out in-person invites early next week for an "early march" interview date. Not sure what their process is, but it sounds like they really read through my whole application and got to know me on paper, I was really impressed.
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