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  1. Congrats on your acceptance!! I will also be attending Georgetown this fall (my subfield is sociolinguistics!) So glad to see someone who is going to attend GU linguistics department! It is so hard for me to find the right place at the right price
  2. Hello all, I am also going to attend Georgetown and I am looking for apartments fairly nearby. But, I just found out many landlords require that potential tenants earn somewhere between 2-3 times their monthly rent in monthly salary. That means that if I earned $28,000 per year (the amount of my stipend is $28,000), I couldn't expect to rent any place that costs more than $1,160. But from what I can tell, I need to pay at least $1500 for a studio or 1 bedroom in areas closer to Georgetown. Is there any way I can get a rental without meeting the income requirement? (Since I am an international student and my family is in Korea, I cannot get a guarantor in the US.) Thanks in advance!
  3. Same thing happened to me. The raw scores were same but not the percentiles, which are Quant: 73% Verbal: 98% (writing is the same). On the website, my verbal percentiles are Quant: 76% Verbal: 99%. I guess it's because official scores are calculated by comparing my raw scores with those of everyone who took that test?
  4. Same here too! I am checking my email every hour..and also checking my spam folder as well!
  5. Sounds good to me. I will do that. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Thanks fuzzylogician! I am the principal investigator for the two projects, but one professor in my lab is also acting as a principal investigator, so I wrote "Co-Principal Investigator (with Professor X)"on my CV. I think I should ask graduate offices to replace my old CV. I thought it is too late to ask replace my CV, so I was thinking I should directly email to my POIs.
  7. Hi all, I made a mistake on my CV, and I am not so sure whether it is a minor mistake or a major mistake. I am currently working in a laboratory, which is affiliated with the government as an associate research scientist in a foreign country. I am doing two grant-funded projects and these two projects are directly related to my research interests, so it is a big part on my CV. I listed a specific amount of grants on my CV, but I found out I wrongly calculated the currency exchange, so I put the wrong US dollar number for one of the two projects. I should have put "$17,000 (USD)" but instead, I wrote "$20,000 (USD)" on my CV. I told one of the schools that I applied to that I put the wrong number on my CV during my interview, and they seemed okay with this, and I got into that school. Should I immediately notify other schools that I made a mistake on my CV?
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