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  1. square_708

    Buffalo, NY

    I should chime in on this topic. I am thinking about attending UB this fall as well. I got in the Management(Organization & Human Resources) PhD program. I am excited to see what Buffalo has to offer.
  2. I received my first two interview offers! I am excited and looking forward to hearing from my other 9 schools I submitted applications. This process teaches you patience for sure.
  3. Good afternoon everyone, I am starting this post because I have not seen any threads relating to applicants for 2018 Management/OB PhD programs. I am wondering if anyone knows when to expect hearing back from programs that had Jan.1 or Jan. 15 deadlines? Also, what are you doing to pass the time? I have unsubscribed to any spam messages in my email because I only want to receive updates about my applications lol.
  4. I am wondering will a school frown down upon a 303 GRE score. I studied for a few months and the first time I took it I scored 300, 146 quant and 154 verbal with a 4.0 writing. I waited 21-days and retook again, scoring a total of 303, 148 quant, 155 verbal and I am still waiting on my writing score. I have my Master's in Industrial/Organizational Pyschology and I have three years of research experience. Please advise!
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