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  1. Congrats on your NYU acceptance! I still haven't heard from Columbia; I know that I'm a no because I didn't receive an interview, but I've heard nothing from them at all. Before NYU's offers were released I saw someone post on the results page that they were eager to receive them because they had been wait-listed at Columbia; that's pretty much all I've heard about Columbia this year. Fingers crossed for you that it's good news you're waiting for! Did you apply for any other programs this year?
  2. Jitterbug15

    New York, NY

    I'm also making the move to NYC this summer, and I have several friends up there who have given me great advice. It's definitely a quick market, so in-person apartment hunting is ideal, but you can probably do online shopping if you have to (which is often more feasible for students moving up there). Train lines are important when determining what neighborhood to live in; one neighborhood might technically be closer to your campus, but if you have multiple transfers, that can tack a lot of time onto your commute. If you're looking for roommates, Facebook can actually be a great resource; Non-Gypsy Housing has ads for both lease takeovers and roommates needed in already established leases, which can help with the whole "most landlords want you to make 40x rent" deal. There's also Gypsy Housing, which is essentially the same set-up but is limited to artists. I'll be starting Performing Arts Administration at NYU in the fall, and would love to meet other future students! I'll probably be looking for roommate(s) as well, but I'lm likely moving up in June/July as opposed to August.
  3. Received my NYU acceptance today; I'm (very pleasantly!) surprised! No word on funding or anything yet though.
  4. Hey Red Zebra, It's pretty much been radio silence for me. I only applied to two programs (Columbia's Theatre Management MFA and NYU's Performing Arts Administration) just to get the feel for application season/get a better idea of what I was looking for in programs. I know that Columbia's interviews passed and I believe I saw something on the results forum about their waitlist being posted, so even though I don't have an official notification, I know that one is a no. I think NYU said late March/early April, so I really have no idea there. Have you heard anything back yet? What programs were you looking into? Glad to hear from another applicant; we seem quiet this year!
  5. Hello all! Longtime lurker, first time poster. Is anyone else here going out for any Theatre/Arts Management/Administration masters? This is my first year applying for grad schools so I really just dipped my toes in the water to test it out, though the eternal pessimist in me is telling me to not expect much this year. Most of my deadlines were at the beginning of January, so I know we still have a while to wait, but it's definitely difficult! Does anyone else have any stories/anecdotes/updates/etc., or just want to chat about the process? Best of luck to all!
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