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  1. allywally

    Gainesville, FL

    Also, if you look around the 6th street area there are a lot of cute, but older houses for rent that are pretty cheap. It's not as close to campus, but it's a nice neighborhood (near Ward's Supermarket and Curia on the Drag). I rented a house in there with two other people and my rent was $450 a month, and technically we could have had a fourth person for even cheaper rent. If you prefer an apartment complex, there are several on Glen Springs Road/ 23rd Avenue that aren't super expensive, especially if you have roommates. Cobblestone, Brookwood Terrace, Madison Point, etc. Again, they aren't s
  2. Me too! Haven't heard anything yet. Also, I grew up in Gainesville and live there currently so if anyone has any questions, let me know!
  3. I got into LSU! My first acceptance. I may be dancing in my office right now.
  4. Anyone want to claim the Boston University acceptance?
  5. I got put on the long wait list at Virginia, which is my first bit of semi-good news so I'm considering it celebration worthy. Anyone have any input into how long a "long" waitlist is?
  6. Yepp! My dad is in charge of the graduate education for his department (neuroscience/biochemistry) and its a lot. Not only do they have all these responsibilities, but the application process involves pleasing a lot of professors with strong personalities and differing opinions. And they don't even have 300 writing samples to read...
  7. all I wanted for Valentine's Day was an acceptance...alas. Congrats to those who did get one yesterday!
  8. Thanks @Kilos and @engphiledu! I still have quite a few undecided. I've only received 2/15 official rejections. But some (like Berkeley, Emory, and South Carolina) aren't looking good. I was already obsessing over my email, but now South Carolina has me scouring my mailbox. My roommate thinks I'm bananas. Damn the hellmouth void of assuming you didn't get in, but still having to wait for the rejection letter.
  9. I've been lurking for a while, but this thread is so encouraging that I decided to post. I have yet to have any acceptances, but am still trying to keep the faith! Congrats to all those who've gotten in!
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