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  1. I was there today and Marc said there's still another email going out this week so... Seems like there's still hope...
  2. I got my letter from Arcadia for all those still waiting...
  3. Did anyone here get rejected from Jefferson? I still haven't heard from them so do I assume it's rejection at this point?
  4. Yep, I also just received that email... They do send out snail mail rejection letters - I got one last year around this time... Who knows I guess we have to wait and see
  5. Should I assume Arcadia and TJU are rejections if I haven't heard from them yet?
  6. Thanks! I hope not, I was waitlisted last year so it would be weird if I dont get an interview...
  7. Anyone know what's doing with Jefferson invites? Anyone hear from them or know the status?
  8. I really hope Arcadia is sending them out in waves.... So far I haven't heard from Rutgers either so I assume that's a no. 2nd time applicant here!
  9. Anyone get anything on second match yet? I haven't gotten anything...
  10. The website is launched and they explain things really clearly. I think we're all nervous due to the fact that we get one answer without any flexibility... I think it's sort of fear of the unknown. Thinking about it, it's true, there are the same amount of slots available for the same amount of applicants. It all just seems very final and I think that's what's causing the nerves.
  11. It's so confusing! Even if you think you nail the interview, you just never know. At the same time although I was barely considering some options for this year, after getting waitlisted for them I was dying to attend so they all of a sudden became my top choice... It's going to be so confusing.
  12. I'm nervous for the new match system. I feel like we need to be smart in ranking our programs because although for example Columbia may be my number 1, I may have the least chance of getting accepted. I feel as though this puts more stress on the applicants as walking out of interview days we need to rank our programs wisely. Anyone second this?
  13. Thank you for the info @Ellaie! How many schools did you apply to last year and how many interviews did you get vs. this year? I know you got accepted at USF, (congrats!) were you accepted elsewhere? Also, I know this will be different for everyone but what was the area you improved on most that you believe ultimately got you a spot? Also, how does the personal statement work the second time around? Do you mend it, or write an entirely new one? Thanks! I hope I'm not being to nosy ?
  14. @mithila.belekar, welcome! I really all hope we have better luck next year. The new match system is making me nervous - I hope it's really to our benefit. To all of you second year applicants, I wonder how letters of recommendation work. Do we get new ones? Extra ones? Can we ask the schools to forward our precious ones onto our new applications? I guess when we reach out for constructive criticism we can ask some of these questions... I just can't believe we all need to go through this grueling process again.
  15. @Gadgette same. I'm anxious to restart the process already...
  16. LIU said something about after May 12th. I think I'll reach out to all the schools sometime mid-end of May.
  17. @Gadgette, I feel like we totally should! Congrats on USF!! Literally less than 20 minutes to the deadline!
  18. @GCo.Hopeful I'm going to reach out the program directors as soon as possible because guessing will kill me. I think that's the smartest idea for a second year applicant which I have become as of this morning. @No1992, I'm not handling so well... I feel totally lost - like what do they want from me? I guess just applying again and displaying perseverence and determination is something. I'm trying to take it one day at a time and I'm counting down till I can reach out to them.
  19. Jefferson seems to be experiencing gridlock as well... It's the only place I'm in touch with but I'm hearing it from others
  20. @TK1616 - but what happens if someone doesn't respond till 4:30 pm tomorrow?! They'd be losing out if they did that
  21. @GCFaith92, interesting... That really is quite bizarre
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