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  1. Hey Everyone! I also got my acceptance via email on March 3rd, but all it said was that I have a conditional offer and the details would be relayed through my acceptance package that will arrive via postal service, which i'm still waiting on. @frannyt is this the same for you? Also does anyone know when we'll find out about OGS?
  2. Hey Everyone! I haven't been able to find a thread for uoft ischool so I thought I would just start it here. I haven't heard back yet, I applied on January 31st for the program as well as OGS, I was wondering if anyone has found out if they have been accepted or rejected yet? I know they told us we would hear by the 3rd, but with that approaching so quickly I just thought it would be useful to have this forum. Best of luck to everyone! Thanks in advance for the responses!
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