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  1. I just got off the U of T waitlist today!!! Feel super excited and I literally cried for a hour ! I had been rejected by the university THREE TIMES and I finally made it into this year!!
  2. That makes me feel really bad now, because I received a rejection letter in February
  3. Just curious, did anyone who actually attend U of T had a placement supervisor without MSW degree ( especially those of you who did placement in community centers)? Thanks
  4. Wow!!! That is an amazing work !!! Do you have friends in the one year program? Is their school schedule as intensive as the two year MSW cohort? thanks
  5. Congratulations!!! You just lighted up my hopes again I completed my BSW in 2014 and applied to U of T three years straight after that. I really hope I can get into ANY MSW program next year.... Thanks for your positive response !
  6. Thanks UofT 2015, I am wondering if hospital placement is guaranteed for advanced standing student at U of T ? I will be doing my research internship at Sunnybrook hospital this summer and hopefully I can get into MSW program next year with this research experience
  7. Awwww!! Everyone has perfect grades and tons of professional experience, no wondering I was rejected by U of T again this year I feel that I will never get into MSW program in Canada ......Anyone here applied to schools in other countries?
  8. Well said and thank you! If anyone had personal clashes with MSW2MD, please deal it privately! This thread is meant to be used for MSW discussion, not a place where you hold a personal grudge against someone. I don't want to see this thread gets locked again!!
  9. My friend's sister is also accepted to York advanced program last Thursday and she was rejected by U of T in the beginning of the month.
  10. Congratulations to people who are accepted into U of T !!! I didn't make it this year but I still feel very happy for you wonderful people who have made it!!! But I am still bothered by the fact that some crooks with corrupt mind got into MSW program so easily and use it as a steppingstone to get into medical schools; yet many of us who are genuinely dedicated in helping people don't even get a chance...... I just feel angry and disappointed with the educational system.
  11. u of t has 140 spots for two year MSW program while York only has 20
  12. Thanks Nicole I will give a try next year !!
  13. Anyone here applied for York MSW -2 year program this year? I heard it is super difficult to get in so I didn't even bother to apply. What credentials ( GPA, work experience, research etc) do I need to have if I want to give a try next year? To people who have graduated/doing their MSW at York, do you have any suggestion on how I can improve my chance of get into the program? Appreciate for your input
  14. I was crying the whole day after receiving my rejection letter:( I still feel sad now
  15. Thanks for your encouraging messege and genuine support!!! I applied only to U of T this year because I heard the same thing about hospital placement opportunity. I am wondering if I can still get a hospital placement if I was a York/Ryerson/Windsor MSW student? MSW&MD said that finding a placement is really about your personal connection with the hospital authroity not the school's reputation, I don't know if it is true or just another trolling comment from him.
  16. I just received the rejection letter from U of T 2 year program, I was crying the whole day and had to cancel tonight's V day dinner with my boyfriend. Anyway, I feel happy for those of you who get accepted to a MSW program, I also feel angry and disappointed because this is the third time I am applying to U of T! I was placed on the waitlist last year but this year I didn't even make to the waitlist. I don't understand how some people with hideous moral standard and responsibility can get into the program so easily ( Like the person who brags about how he was accepted to by all universiti
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