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  1. I'm under the impression that you are seeking help for your final paper. As the above poster said, it is a way broad question. I'd suggest to meet up with your instructor/TA to discuss and narrow down the topic. However, early film movements tend to be more formal than the later, due to its developmental stage (i.e., French New Wave can be interpreted as a way to establish film different from a film version of theatre production; don't take it as a face value by the way- it's only one of many factors that gave birth to one particular movement).
  2. A friend of mine declined one particular school (one of the top programs in the field actually), and they reoffered with more money...twice. Is there any chance school A can offer you more scholarship that now they are in competition? As for the internships, you shouldn't overlook the location/network factor. It could become a considerable cost to interview/relocate for the internships in the end.
  3. I also think the OP took it quite well. Having spent a few years reading up online relationship forums, I have noticed that folks who wrote about their issues tend to be at the highest stress and frustration level. There are dramatisations, exaggerations, and outcries at trivialities when in many occasions those conflicts can be solved over an open, honest and calm talk with their partners (the exception being the cases of abuse, of course). However, for us readers, all information available is whatever is written by the OP who could have been in a particularly bad mood, and thegradcafe crowds are exceptional at analysing and critiquing the written information (as we should be!). I think all the advices given here are respectful in its own rights, as we have a limitation as a commentator without fully knowing the OP and her boyfriend, and the details of their relationship. The OP probably has got all the possible advices given the suggested issues. However, I feel that up to certain degree the issues of the OP echo with what many academic women fear regarding finding and having a successful relationship (or we could call it the whole heart vs. brain matter as the early generation of University women did?). My ex was an intellectual man with attractive qualities (handsome, romantic, musically talented, metrosexual, cooking skills, etc) who somehow set a norm of discussing philosophers over dinner. After he broke up with me, after spending 2 years in recovery (and analysing what went wrong, and learning lessons over what to put up with and not to/seeing through immature vs. mature habits of a person), I went out to date for the first time and things were dramatically different outside the academic setting. To make it worse, I moved to Los Angeles after the breakup, and it is safe to say that the majority of the population do not read in this town, let alone critical readings. My attempts at finding a learned man was hard enough, and then I had to filter the egotistical ones, the self-absorbed ones, the hypocritical ones, and mostly the incompatible ones. It is a small pool to begin with, and during the process, oh gosh, how many times I thought maybe I did something wrong, I am being unrealistic, and men in my age group find me unattractive because of my academic background, etc etc?!?! And then, of course one's mind wanders to think about societal prejudices and gender expectations over the inner workings of the relationship, and sometimes gets frustrated by unfathomably conservative folks with their notions of what women's status should be in relation to men's, and insecure people who can't accept what is outside their comfort zone, etc etc...and eventually to a point where a chain of self-questioning begins (aka. "am I a scholarly mind good enough to deserve another scholarly minded one??! I mean, everybody tells me I should give up and keep them to myself and settle with a decent man."). In the end, I didn't settle. But I did change in some sense. My current boyfriend is not a trained academic. He is a filmmaker with a BFA and does not read (he claims that he doesn't have time to read), but has other important qualities (emotionally capable and communicative, artistic, reasonable with finances, career ambitious and has an healthy and mature attitude towards gender/minority). As a feminist, I guess it was a foremost importance to find a man whose belief system is similar, who is comfortable with himself and is open to the idea of multiplicity in what an individual can be. Yet I was uncertain about his being less knowledgeable in the academic literature, and couldn't ignore my longing for a joy of discussing academic subjects. However at the same time, I realised that since he listens well and is a person of wits and intelligence, why can't I explaining concepts to him in a more ordinary language? (after all, my research interest aligns with education...and one shall be true to herself in a life style as the Greeks believed...right?) Kinda went sideways, but wanted to mention the other side of the spectrum where the significant other is not even in the academia. It really is all about having a balance, and what one may consider an essential may be not so and subject to change in a long run. At least my postmodern theorists say so! (tee hee hee) And cheers to all graduate students and their relationships A last word to the OP: you didn't mention about the duration of your relationship or anything except you guys are in a long distance relationship. In case if you guys never had a long period of physically close (distance-wise) relationship, this may be a good chance to see what is actually working and not working. Seeing and interacting with the beloved one in person actually affect the dynamics of the relationship profoundly as things can be highly abstracted in the cases of LDR/online relationship.
  4. Regarding living in the surrounding areas of Berkeley, unless you drive, you might want to make sure there is a nearby BART station. The buses are not always 100% reliable especially during the night. There were many times I had to wait for a long time, and it's no fun if you are stranded in a rather deserted area of Oakland when it's dark. However, as long as you are careful, Berkeley is safer than it appears to be . Students from the suburbs get shocked when they first see the large number of homeless people there. But you will get used to it. It's like Paris. As long as they are treated without a scorn, they are quite harmless folks
  5. Could you ask for an extension given your situation? Somewhat different from your situation but I was told by one school official to put the deposit while waiting for the other school's decision (the one I was waitlisted).
  6. Check with your dept coordinator if there is no possibility of funding at all. Sometimes you can TA/RA after your first semester, etc.
  7. That is a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing Now I am curious what you think of the art historian Norman Klein (and Mike Davis too). Just a trivia: my thesis proposal was initially on the virtually restored historical sites in films and video games. I was trying to combine it with some performance and architecture theory, and the "cinematic metropolis" literature in film studies, but I eventually gave in and changed the topic XD
  8. Eating out did eat up so much of my budget too! What could have been something else all went to my stomach...but that kept my study going, so...hehehe That is such a relief. I am glad there are good hearts out there who understand the needs of students. Out of curiosity, could you tell more about your research paper? Was it related to the city history/planning or food?
  9. Oh, and I almost forgot: FSM (Free Speech Movement) Cafe is generally open until 10pm. The libraries (Moffit and the connected underground Doe main library) are open until 2am. During the final week when the library opens for 24 hours, the FSM also opens for 24 hours to accommodate the students' need. It should be the same...can't imagine the budget cut affecting the school in such a lame way.
  10. Jae B, I am thoroughly disappointed at you for not mentioning Arinell Pizza on Shattuck & Addison!!! Hahaha. I see she primary mentioned eateries near the campus. I will add a few notable ones in the general area of Berkeley/Oakland/North Berkeley. And...please keep in mind that I had a rather spoiled foodie life in Berkeley...those are not the cheapest places. I will start with the Berkeley Bart Station area: 1. Arinell Pizza on Shattuck & Addison: it is a NY style thin crust pizza. My ex, a hardcore New Yorker, approved of this place, so it should mean something 2. Jupiter on Shattuck & Allston: this is a regular joint for Berkeley students. Serves pizza and live music. 3. Gelato Naia has two locations in Berkeley. One is in the student center, the other one is on Shattuck & Addison. They give you a free gelato on your birthday (also the Bear's Lair in the campus). 4. Taiwan Restaurant on University & Shattuck is a preferred dining place for student clubs. 5. However, it is Great China on Fulton & Kittridge that serves a great Peking Duck at a reasonable price. They have an excellent Double Skin as well. 6. Next to Great China is a wrap place. Their chicken plate is amazing. It is an organic place, not a cheap place, but they serve good wraps. 7. Craving for vietnamese? Pho Hoa on Shattuck & Bancroft is the place to go. Cheap pho and the best broth amongst many Vietnamese places in Berkeley. 8. Across the street from Pho Hoa is Angeline's Kitchen which serves decent Louisiana food. I like their shrimp po boy, but I am not a southerner to judge! 9. At Durant and Shattuck lies Venus, a somewhat expensive brunch place. I have to mention this because they have my favourite biscuits. Their menu is all organic, vegan/vegetarian friendly. 10. Past Durant & Shattuck is La Note. It's the best French cafe in the area. Amazing brunch but it is on the pricy scale. I personally recommend their Ratatouille. Expect a 30m waiting during the weekends. Now moving to the West Side, 11. Au Coquelet Cafe on University & Milvia. It's one of a few places that opens until 1-1:30am. An excellent spot for studying as it has a large cafe/dining area. Easy to spot students studying here. 12. Chaat Cafe on Martin Luther King & University. I loved their wrap with Indian fried cheese. Great Biryanis here. 13. Cafe Venezia on University & Grant: it is a rather expensive Italian place, but I had a great rabbit pasta there...maybe for a special occasion? Alright, moving onto North Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto. Going to skip through the streets on this area since it's quite far from the campus. 14. Cheese Board: along with Zachary's in Oakland (and North Berkeley, which is further north than Gourmet Ghetto), this is THE pizza place in Berkeley. Also sells breads and Italian cheese/cold cuts. 15. Cafe Gratitude: I never ate at this place. Don't know if the food is good, but it is an organic vegetarian/vegan restaurant. In case, you are. 16. Thai Delight Cuisine: as a Thai restaurant, this is on a pricy scale. But they use the freshest seafood. 17. Gregoire on Shattuck and Cedar: it is an French sandwich joint. Only two seatings available, so you will want to take out. Their potato puff is fantastic! (not cheap, though). 18. Lococo's Restaurant & Pizzaria: it is also a somewhat pricy (but not three star pricy) Italian place in North Berkeley. Handmade pasta, and they also bake their own bread which is worth trying at once at least. Excellent pasta, which my half Italian ex called "just as like the way his mum made it." [and of course, I must mention Chez Panisse, the birth place of California Cuisine...extremely expensive ($60-80 per person), Clinton dined here. However, it is relatively doable during the lunch, if you want the experience. A small but filling portion of a modern-styled, delectable pasta was my lunch experience.] Ok, now all the way back to the South side. 19. I can't recall the name, but next to Moe's bookstore is a bakery where you can buy fresh croissants. Not so buttery, highly recommended. 20. Cafe Racha is a cheap thai place on Telegraph & Blake. Good egg rolls. 21. Tandori Kitchen on Telegraph and Parker. This is a cheap, and excellent Indian place. Also opens quite late. 22. The Drunken Boat on Telegraph and Charleton: it is a French cafe that turns into a more pricy restaurant in the evening. Serves an impressive hot chocolate with handwhipped cream. Excellent breakfast menu as well. Our final destination to College Ave in Elmwood area near Oakland- 23. Tratoria La Sicilliana on College and Webster: Best Southern Italian restaurant in the area. Extremely crowded, expect a long wait. 24. La Mediterranean on College and Ashby: excellent, excellent Mediterranean food here. Next to it is a pet shop 25. Accross La Mediterranean is Beanery, an independent coffee house. Many seatings in the backside area. Lots of students study here. 26. Also, Cafe Roma on College and Ashby. A much larger space, crowded with students. Well...as you can clearly tell, I spent more time, money, energy in eating than studying while I was at Berkeley. It is a wonder I didn't change my major to J school and became an apprentice under Micheal Pollan. And I haven't even started on SF eateries! Sigh...and now I am hungry too!
  11. In addition to what has been said: you need to build a great relationship with your professors in the field after you transfer to a 4 years university. Be an outstanding student in the class, be proactive/participate in discussions, visit the professors' office hours to be known (but with good questions). If the professor likes you, s/he may even invite you to grad seminars. Getting supports from your department professors is crucial. People know each other in the academic circles and it goes a long way.
  12. @Kristen good luck!!!

  13. Any Bear knows that there is no place like Berkeley. I got accepted three out of four and whenever I did a campus tour, despite that Berkeley doesn't even offer a degree in my field, I kept comparing schools to Berkeley! Argh! Good luck for your funding! I'm on the same boat. Might choose a more expensive program over another because I don't feel like I'm ready to commit to a life of researcher yet
  14. As long as it is not near the South-East side (where the dorms are), and that you don't go further down towards the borderline of Oakland, the area near the end of the strip malls on Telegraph (near the Andronico's on telegraph, like Parker street) the housing is pretty decent and quiet. I lived on Parker for two years and while it was a bit of walk to the campus, as a Berkeley student you walk at least 10 blocks a day anyway, I had good times there. By the North side meaning near the North Gate? I didn't spend much time there as all my courses were taken place at Dwinelle, Wheeler, etc. I used to walk a lot to North Berkeley though. As for the meeting spot, is Berkeley Espresso on Shattuck & Hearst too far? Class of 2008 Film Studies major here, Go Bears! XD
  15. Check out programs under media arts. A good example would be UCLA's Design/Media Arts program. If you are okay with a certain degree of programming (actionscript, processing, etc), programs under digital media may work for your interests as well.
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