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  1. Hello Akmunk, I am not an international student, but I was thinking about deferring my application, taking time to work/save, apply to more scholarships, and etc. I wish there was more information on careers/the work field after individuals graduate from Munk?
  2. I was accepted to Munk, with no funding. Looking at external scholarships to help pay for first year tuition at least. In the final year of my undergraduate B.A. I thought that Munk would give smaller scholarships to a majority of it's admitted candidates, but I guess not. Hopefully the long term benefits outweigh the cost of the program.
  3. The University of Toronto started sending out acceptances, good luck to everyone who applied!
  4. Has anyone been accepted into UofT's Sociology MA/PHD program yet? Nobody has posted if they have been admitted or not as of yet?
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