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  1. Interesting rejection notice from Arizona. "Despite your excellent qualifications, the Graduate Admissions Committee has determined that they are not likely to extend an offer to you..." Not likely? Does that mean there's still a very small sliver of hope? Haha. Waitlisted at Virginia as well.
  2. Yes! Got an offer from Boston University last week and visited this past Monday. Still hoping to hear back from Arizona, Colorado-Boulder, UConn, and Virginia but I'd be pleased as punch if I went to Boston.
  3. I am most likely going to decline my Tulane offer - I hope it opens up a spot for you!
  4. Still waiting on Colorado, Arizona, UConn, and Virginia.
  5. Thank you! I struck out last application season and I've only been waitlisted so far, so I'm absolutely thrilled. I received an email from Oliver Sensen stating that I was accepted and that I would get the formal acceptance and funding details soon. My AOI is bioethics. I know a lot of people here shit on the NYU MA in Bioethics program but I don't think I would have gotten into Tulane without being in that program. I hope you hear good news soon!!
  6. Waitlisted at Utah. That makes 2 waitlists this cycle and no acceptances yet. After being shut out last year, I'm feeling pretty optimistic that something may work out...
  7. Waitlisted at Boston University! Someone please decline your offer and make my dream come true.
  8. I have struck out (haven't heard from UCal Berkeley or Toronto but assuming them to be rejections). I'm thinking about writing to some of the departments and asking to be considered for their MA program. Thoughts? I think having the MA will help with my application next year but not sure if it's worth it if a PhD is my end goal.
  9. Rejected from McGill and from my top pick, University of Washington. Hurts more than I thought it would.
  10. University of Colorado Boulder
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