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  1. Private art school or public in-state (MFA poetry)?

    THANK YOU. I needed someone to lay it out like this. CCA definitely has been drawing me in but at the end of the day I think id be foolish not to take SFSU. you're absolutely right.
  2. Hey yall! So I got good news for my MFA poetry applications-- I'm a Berkeley local and applied to SFSU's MFA program as well as CCA's MFA and got into both! I am having a lot of trouble figuring out what I should do. I'd appreciate as much advice as possible! Right now I'm thinking about these things: SFSU: is a LOT cheaper, and I'm getting a scholarship for the first semester; amazing staff; offers teaching certification included with degree; is located kind of far away so commuting will be a pain depending on how many days a week I am actually on campus [tuition is approx 7k per year] CCA: private art school; offering me a more prestigious array of scholarships even though it will still end up more expensive than SFSU; no teaching certification; amazing campus, but i'll be surrounded by people who are mostly willing or able to dive into an insanely high tuition and idk how comfortable id feel being in that environment as a low income person of color [tuition is approx 40k per year, but i would basically be receiving 70% of my tuition covered] I've also been traveling all month for academic events and its made it super hard to organize the pros and cons of each. Basically floundering a little!!! Thank you in advance <3
  3. Attending first conference as an undergrad. Advice?

    Thanks for everyone's responses and helpfulness! Practicing definitely helped me, as well as timing it. I didn't have a poster but I did use a powerpoint. Also, after presenting at a graduate and undergraduate conference in the last 2 weeks, its really reassuring to see how nervous everyone is and that public speaking skills are pretty varied across the board! Overall I think I psyched myself out more than I needed to.
  4. I received a grant from my school to present an 18 page paper at a graduate conference in Hawaii. I am a TERRIBLE public speaker and have no idea what to expect. I emailed them asking how long I will have to present and have not heard back. Also, my paper was written through the English Department and has a lot of close readings (but not an excessive amount). I feel really nervous about reading those to a group of academics. I don't know. I'm a mess!