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  1. THANK YOU. I needed someone to lay it out like this. CCA definitely has been drawing me in but at the end of the day I think id be foolish not to take SFSU. you're absolutely right.
  2. Hey yall! So I got good news for my MFA poetry applications-- I'm a Berkeley local and applied to SFSU's MFA program as well as CCA's MFA and got into both! I am having a lot of trouble figuring out what I should do. I'd appreciate as much advice as possible! Right now I'm thinking about these things: SFSU: is a LOT cheaper, and I'm getting a scholarship for the first semester; amazing staff; offers teaching certification included with degree; is located kind of far away so commuting will be a pain depending on how many days a week I am actually on campus [tuition is approx 7k p
  3. Thanks for everyone's responses and helpfulness! Practicing definitely helped me, as well as timing it. I didn't have a poster but I did use a powerpoint. Also, after presenting at a graduate and undergraduate conference in the last 2 weeks, its really reassuring to see how nervous everyone is and that public speaking skills are pretty varied across the board! Overall I think I psyched myself out more than I needed to.
  4. I received a grant from my school to present an 18 page paper at a graduate conference in Hawaii. I am a TERRIBLE public speaker and have no idea what to expect. I emailed them asking how long I will have to present and have not heard back. Also, my paper was written through the English Department and has a lot of close readings (but not an excessive amount). I feel really nervous about reading those to a group of academics. I don't know. I'm a mess!
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