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  1. Congratulations on your acceptances! Those are both awesome offers. I really don't think you can go wrong either way, but thought I'd throw in two cents. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably pick Georgetown. The cost of living in Boston and DC is comparable, and based on the info you gave, you save $20k by going to SFS. Sure, GHD is a smaller program, but you are within the School of Foreign Service and benefit from all that comes with that (including the vast SFS alumni network). With Georgetown you save yourself some money, join an internationally renowned graduate school and can take advantage of numerous opportunities within DC. Plus winter is pretty mild in DC compared with Boston. That said, if the thought of accepting SFS and turning down Fletcher doesn't feel right - accept Fletcher! With all the factors considered, that gut feeling (well, and $$$) is how I decided. I kept trying to convince myself that I 'should' be in DC, even though I knew in my gut that a different program was a better fit. If that's the case for you, Fletcher will be very lucky to have you. Best of luck!
  2. Thanks @3dender! I was on the admitted students online chat today and Izzi let us know that we will hear back by the end of the day on Friday. Fingers crossed!
  3. Has anyone heard back from Jessica/Admissions after requesting additional funding?
  4. Congratulations on your acceptances! With funding out as a factor I would consider curriculum, brand (bleh, but it matters, right?) and location: Curriculum: Which program has the core and classes that you really want? I know that Sanford has a strong core, while maintaining the flexibility to tailor your MPP with a selection of electives from across Duke's graduate schools (law, Fuqua, etc). While you can choose a specialization you don't have to, and outside the core you can pretty much design your program based on whatever classes you want to take. I didn't apply to WWS so I am not entirely sure what their curriculum looks like, but I have heard that it has a pretty specific core, specialization and advancement requirements. Brand: Duke and Princeton are both amazing, but I believe (other commenters, feel free to correct me!) that WWS has an edge over Sanford, especially in international policy circles, and is considered on par with HKS (that Ivy thing...). Location: Where do you want to live?? Good luck! And hey - if you choose Duke, I'll see you at Sanford!
  5. For those accepted with funding - were the details of your funding in your admissions letter? I was accepted but it doesn't say anything about whether I received any scholarship aid.
  6. I got a fellowship award letter today (separate from acceptance), but I am so confused by it as it doesn't outline a specific amount....I hope you hear back soon!
  7. Has anyone heard back from Fels for Fall 2017?
  8. Gah! I have got to stop refreshing the status page... Here is hoping we hear in the next couple of days.
  9. Accepted - yay! No funding, boo.
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