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  1. I just attended the open house yesterday and I am deciding between Berkeley Master of Development Practice (MDP) and SAIS DC. I didn't get any funding from SAIS, so I spoke with financial aid office about any potential funding. They said the chance is so slim that it's fair to say it won't happen. This is not something that strictly applies only to my case, rather to anyone who is seeking additional funding this year. Instead, they provided me information about grad plus loan for the first year and also mentioned that funding may be possible next year if my academic standing is good. (I t
  2. I have seen international student GSI's, but I wouldn't know how easy to get appointed as an international student. There are so many job opportunities on campus (and off-campus as well). Visit Berkeley's HR contact list and career center for job postings. If nothing works out on campus, try to find something in SF. I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities.
  3. @Daniel XU Thanks for your comment. SAIS and Berkeley MDP seem to be equally good. Given MDP's multidisciplinary nature, going to Berkeley means I will have access to other top programs to collaborate within Berkeley. I will have to look more into this, but if there isn't much employment opportunity while studying at SAIS DC, then I can't seem to justify the potential $140k debt. For you, I think Berkeley and Columbia are equally good. If any of them offered a funding, go with the one who gives you more $$$. If not, I guess then it might just be: New York vs San Francisco, where do y
  4. I got accepted to Berkeley’s Master of Development Practice and Johns Hopkins’ SAIS DC. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy. Though I haven’t had relevant professional work experience, I attended community college meanwhile to take classes for my own interest. Berkeley’s tuition is about $48k/year and offers small funding ($3k/year) while SAIS DC’s tuition is about $47k/year with no funding. Cost of living in DC and SF bay area are similar. I know UC Berkeley very well and it seems like I may have some advantage getting campus jobs that
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