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  1. Accepted to both Dal & Western! Will be removing myself from Dal's list for any Dal hopefuls! Thank you guys for all the information and support throughout the application process! Appreciate it
  2. Congrats embenAUD!! I also received my conditional acceptance to Dal yesterday.
  3. I think April 5th for Dal because that is when Dal accepted students have to give in their decisions by. Not sure for Western.
  4. Sorry, changed my account name. But I only apply to Western and Dal. Waitlisted for both.. I don't know what to do now lol
  5. Does anyone know the waitlist stats for Western & Dal? The unpredictablity suckss
  6. Congrats piylo! Have you applied elsewhere?
  7. Received an email from UWO. I have been waitlisted. If anyone else is on the same boat, mind sharing their gpa stats? My sub-gpa is 3.73
  8. Congrats goldwater222. I have also been waitlisted for Western. Do you mind sharing your stats?
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