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  1. This sounds like a great question to ask the financial aid department at your university of choice. They will almost certainly know more than any of us will, especially given the complexity of what you're asking about .
  2. DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

    They didn't say anything about a waitlist on mine - looks like you're more honorable than the rest of us, Platobob!
  3. DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

    Looks like another Honorable Mention; I received an email this morning saying "We were very impressed with your credentials and saw much promise in your application, and we strongly encourage you to reapply next year provided you remain eligible." Unfortunately, I'm already a first-year grad student, so this was my last shot. Congrats to all the winners!
  4. NDSEG 2017

    Nothing yet here - I imagine people might start hearing after today since this was the deadline for the awardees to accept. The potential government shutdown on Friday could also make things interesting!
  5. DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

    Perhaps they meant this Friday? I can't help but feel like I'm waiting for an inevitable rejection, but the continued silence is leaving me with a small amount of hope!
  6. How are you going to afford moving?

    Just as a heads-up, your moving expenses (including storage costs) may be tax deductible in the US. It's possible that RAs/TAs don't fit the "working full time" requirement, but it could be worth checking out if your moving expenses get close to the standard deduction. More here, from the IRS.
  7. DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

    You're the best, Platobob! Looks like they're going to make us wait until the very end, unless we hear something in the next 30 minutes or so.
  8. DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

    Yeah I don't know what's going on then. I almost want to contact them if I don't hear anything by the end of this week, although I always feel bad doing that since there's probably a ton of people in the same position that we are. Another honorable mention would be par for the course given my other fellowship applications this year
  9. NDSEG 2017

    That's what I figured. With NSF, that makes me 2/2 on honorable mentions so far this year. It's exciting and mildly infuriating at the same time!
  10. NDSEG 2017

    I just received the following email: "We are pleased to inform you that your application is still being considered for an award at this time. As part of this process, you will be notified by our team once the Department of Defense has made their final decision." Very...cryptic! Edit: Looks like it may be an honorable mention/alternate notice, based on their most recent Facebook and Twitter posts.
  11. DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

    Still nothing on my end (I'm in Mechanical Engineering). It sounded like the deadline to accept for people who were notified last week was this Wednesday, so perhaps we'll hear something after that.
  12. NDSEG 2017

    You know the wait is taking its toll when people have resorted to anonymously posting passive-aggressive memes on the official Facebook page...
  13. DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

    Anybody else not heard anything yet? Does this mean it's likely that I'm on the wait list/honorable mention? Between waiting for this one and for NDSEG, I'm not sure I can take it much longer!