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  1. @HilmKayla During my interview at CSU, we were told that they were planning to rename the program from CSU to UCSF program for administration reasons. That might explain it.
  2. Hey everyone! Feel free to ask me any questions! I know how stressful the application cycle and interviews could be.
  3. Anyone here matched with University of Minnesota as well?
  4. I am 21 now and I was actually 20 while applying.
  5. Perhaps you are waitlisted for the interview. I received an interview offer from UBC and my status is "Submitted".
  6. Does anyone know if Augustana is still sending out more interviews?
  7. Scheduled my Sarah Lawrence for 2/23 afternoon! Let me know if anyone is interviewing on the same day
  8. Hi! If anyone is interviewing with Colorado on 3/13, you are welcome to stay with me. I got a room with two queen beds. The hotel I am staying with offers free shuttle to airport and the hospital campus
  9. I see that someone received an interview from Augustana. May I ask when you submitted your application?
  10. Just received interview offer from University of Colorado!
  11. I don't think they had the program back then. This summer was their first time ever organizing it.
  12. Thanks! That makes me feel much better. I was feeling devastated, because I thought I had a good chance at Cincinnati. I was summer intern for their GC program.
  13. Well, that makes me nervous. I would consider myself diverse (Maybe?). I haven't heard anything :'(
  14. Hi Everyone! Since I am first time applicant, I have no idea what to expect from interviews. Can anyone who has been through this process please share how usually the interviews are? What kind of general questions should we expect etc.? Thanks!
  15. I submitted the application around 1st December, but my recommendations weren't in until December 15th.
  16. Thanks! I applied in the first week of January, so I hope there is still hope for me haha Btw Congratulations @AspiringGC! You have totally earned it
  17. Hi! I see that someone got an interview from Augustana! May I ask when you applied? Thanks!
  18. I know right! I have been checking my email thousand times a day this week
  19. I thought I would feel relaxed after finishing all my apps. But, now I am just obsessively checking the results page three times a day. How are you all dealing with the wait?
  20. I submitted my CSU-Stan app long time ago. I have not heard back from them at all. Not even any acknowledgement that they have received my app. Should I be worried?
  21. @TAGC and everyone else! I emailed the Colorado program, and they said that we can email them the essay for new prompt by December 15th. They have extended deadlines for international applicants by 15 days!
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