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  1. If you have an opportunity to get more real world experience via volunteer/internship then you should definitely do it. From what I could see from Hunter, they are pretty concerned with where your head is at and if you have a realistic view of the profession then that is a plus!!
  2. I applied for work study and inquired about it but they said they would get back to me in OCTOBER and I was essentially wait listed for it I think. But yeah, would have liked a job like that. Currently, yeah once things die down and most of the residence are in their rooms asleep then I have some time to potentially read / do homework. !!! I'm trying to look at that as the silver lining but it is a bit harder to concentrate during those hours X_X
  3. Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for responding. Your comments were very helpful and actually do put me somewhat at ease. I honestly might re-read them from time to time if my anxieties about the situation flair up again. I have somewhat made my peace with living at home and so far my boyfriend has not pressed me terribly about the moving issue. I feel excited about school (got accepted and registered!!) although I am still a bit worried about how to handle my job as well as full-time studies. I will be pretty much completely occupied with class/field practicum Monday-Friday, 9AM - 6p
  4. I got accepted a couple days ago. Pretty excited! See you guys in the Fall. Maybe we can do a meet up or something.
  5. Hi Everyone, So I haven't been officially accepted yet but I have recently completed a group interview at Silberman School of Social Work for their Two Year MSW program and I think it went very well. I am excited because I really wanted to get into this school due to its low tuition cost and because I feel the program is right for me. That being said, now that I have a very real possibility of getting into this program I am starting to become very stressed out about what I will do if I actually get in. I ALMOST regret applying this year!! So, my conundrum is that it is a full-time pr
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