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  1. Hey, guys! This may sound stupid but I was wondering if I need multiple SOP's if I am applying to all schools that have pretty much the same guidelines and word counts. I don't want them to submit it to something and then have it be known that I sent the same thing to multiple schools. Am I being paranoid or is this a completely valid thing?
  2. I sent my SOP to a current professor of mine who has a PH.D. in writing / English. I am overshooting mine by about 200 words. I understand the struggle lol. Do you have anyone who is really great with writing? Definitely ask them if you can't get any volunteers here. I'm a good writer but not as great as some others out there. Get a few people to look your SOP over.
  3. I am applying to schools in New York City for an MSW in clinical social work. While my undergraduate degree is in business administration/marketing, I received the degree to get experience in opening up my own business so that I can one day successfully run my own practice/clinic. I have a 3.72 from the undergrad school that I am graduating from with a program GPA of about a 3.8. I am applying to New York University and Hunter College. However, I have a few back ups in different locations such as Boston University, University of Southern California, University of Houston, and Temple University
  4. I just want to say first and foremost, congratulations on getting your B.S. in social work w/ a 3.7 GPA! It is never too late to volunteer! Get a relevant internship if possible. What do you want to do with your MSW? Depending on the track that you are looking to go down, call places in that area and ask if they accept any unpaid interns/volunteers, etc. I have no volunteer experience since high school, but I have been doing a public healthcare administration & medical social work internship and have learned a lot. Never underestimate the power of an internship. I asked a similar question
  5. Hey, everyone! After reading many successful past forum threads for MSW applicants, I decided to start one myself for everybody! From what I saw, so many people took comfort in talking to one another about their stats, stress/anxieties, questions, schools, etc. that I believe it would be beyond beneficial for us. Good luck everyone and I look forward to chatting with you!
  6. Hey, everyone! I have a quick question. For my personal statement, I mentioned pretty much a background of my life and how it's shaped me into wanting to go into social work. In my statement, I have my high school years. Would it be best to leave out anything before undergrad and just focus on what I've done in my undergraduate?
  7. I'm not sure if people think that I believe policy is just for social work when I never even said that? I simply suggested that they look at other routes as an MPA doesn't teach you much else that you could just get from the field.
  8. Wouldn't social services management then be a different degree all together? I mean eventually I want to be a chief of social services (SS manager) but I do want to do direct intervention first.
  9. Hey there! First of all, don't give up on grad school simply because your GRE scores weren't amazing. Which schools are you applying to? Every school has different GRE score requirements--and some don't even need the GRE's . With that being said, you have plenty of other opportunities to retake the GRE. Now you know what to expect! Take it as an opportunity to do better! Now, for your GPA, in your personal statement/ statement of purpose, bring it up and advocate for why you are ready for grad school. A killer GRE score will prove that you have what it takes. Demonstrate any extra
  10. Thank you so much for this reply. It's such a relief reading this, especially from someone who also received a degree in business beforehand. Best of luck at USC, it's a great school!
  11. Which schools are you planning to apply to? I know that the schools that I have started the application with have a part where they send a link through email to them regarding writing the letter so they don't need to mail it. I think it all depends on your relationship with those professors/ professionals. Nothing changes in a year. What they could say about you a year ago is still applicable now. What you may want to send them is a little background in a very nicely written email just stating your interests, why you want to pursue that interest with a graduate degree, (optional) career goals,
  12. Honestly, I've heard that going the macro route for an MSW degree can get you into the same policy positions as an MPA. I interned with my state's Department of Human Services and the amount of social workers that are administrators in policy is crazy. I also think an MSW makes you more versatile if the public route is where you want to end up. Not to discourage you at all but my aunt received an MPA and she didn't find many career opportunities afterwards. What are your career goals if you receive an MPA? There are many ways to get to that goal. EDIT: I just read the last part of
  13. This gives me so much hope. I transferred twice (first time I got bullied out of my original school, second one was a random school I went to to get out of the first one and I did horribly, this one I am graduating from I am doing so well w/ a 3.72 GPA and involved in the community). I don't have much volunteer work but I have been getting experience in public policy and medical social work with the VA Hospital and I think that will help me. Anyway, thank you for posting this!
  14. I think it all depends on where you want to go after you finish your MSW. For instance, I know that Hunter College for example is a cheap school, and well recognized in NYC but if you move away from the city, a Columbia or NYU degree is more widely recognized. The 100k debt though is hefty and a bit ridiculous I agree with that. However, if you go the clinical route, it is possible to repay your debt off because you typically get paid more than other types of social workers.
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