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    Submit 161V/149Q/4.5W OR 159V/147Q/5.5W?

    Hi Mirrorofvenus, I have read that the Quant scores are not very important for Lit programs. But most of the programs suggest that accepted applications average in the 96th percentile for the Verbal section. I have also seen on here that "85th-90th percentiles are considered competitive". So maybe for the lit programs your original scores will be fine? As for the philosophy programs, the quant scores seem to matter much more. My wife's in a top program and they're constantly debating whether this is something that needs to change. It appears that most departments have the odd stickler for quant scores. But, as usual with this low yielding lottery that is application season, there is a ton of anecdotal evidence that begs to differ. I'd consider retaking the test if I were applying to phil programs, perhaps you can improve the verbal as well and bolster your app for literature programs. Good luck!

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