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  1. 2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Hi bilaljamil99, I have also struggled with the GRE, in my case because I graduated 13 years ago and did not do any math at all in my undergrad. Like you, I also have a full-time job that takes up a lot of my time. My first attempt was a disaster (159V 143V 4.0 AWA) after 2 months of study with Magoosh. I then took a break and focused on doing 1 practice test a day for 6 weeks and was able to improve my score to 158 V 151 Q 4.0 AWA. It’s still pretty mediocre but I guess it’s as a good as it gets for someone who’s been out of the standardized test-taking game for such a long time. I know I don’t have a chance at top schools so will settle for mid-ranked. Good luck!
  2. Asia/IR PhD programs?

    Hi Tiffany, Thanks for the tip but my undergrad GPA and GRE scores are low, so I'm not applying to top-ranked schools. Right now I'm thinking Indiana, ND, GWU, Delaware, Rutgers, CUNY and GSU. Any other suggestions? Cheers
  3. SOP for Political Science PhD

    I would also love to get feedback if people are willing. Thanks!
  4. Very low quant GRE

    Thanks! I'll probably still try UVa but not UMD
  5. Very low quant GRE

    After two months of reviewing and taking a zillion practice tests, I improved my score (marginally) to 158 V 151 Q. Should I even bother applying to places like Virginia or UMD? I’m definitely NOT taking the test again. Thanks
  6. Democracy, a political ideal?

    I think the world is moving in the opposite direction – less democracy
  7. Asia/IR PhD programs?

    Hi everyone, I’m searching for PhD programs that are strong in IR/Asia, particularly East & Southeast Asia, outside of Ivy League/top 20 schools that I know I’ll never get into (low undergrad GPA, probably low GRE despite good grad GPA). So far I’ve identified potential advisors in: GWU George Mason Virginia Delaware Indiana Bloomington Rutgers UMass Amherst Any other schools I should consider? Thanks!
  8. Asian IR at Binghamton?

    Thank you!
  9. I flunked the GRE

    Thanks! Right now I’m just reviewing quant with the official guide, will start practice tests next week. Will check out Manhattan Prep. Cheers
  10. I flunked the GRE

    You did better than me. I got 159 V, 143 Q, 4.0 AW. Taking the test again in a month. I took Magoosh online prep, obviously didn’t help much. But I’m also almost 37 and had not done any math since 1998…
  11. PhD Profile Evaluation. Looking for guidance!

    Why would international development count against your application? I'm currently in the same industry (in the same part of the world) and hope to make it an asset as international experience.
  12. Asian IR at Binghamton?

    Hi everyone, I’m considering SUNY Binghamton, but the department doesn’t seem to be very strong on IR or have any Asia specialists. Is the website not updated, am I reading it wrong, or is my analysis correct? If so it’s really too bad, as Binghamton seems like a great school and the department has a stellar placement record. Would be great to get some feedback. Thanks!
  13. Too old?

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll be honest and hope that my experience is a good fit for the department.
  14. Very low quant GRE

    Thanks. I’m using Princeton now to review and seems to be going better. Cheers
  15. Too old?

    Great feedback, thanks a lot! I can also mention how I disagreed with the diplomat who was justifying the decision to file the case because the only country that can enforce a ruling (US) has not yet ratified UNCLOS. I’ll look into all the angles you have suggested to frame that part of my SOP.