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  1. This is very helpful, and encouraging – thank you!
  2. Is it fair game to ask specific profs you mentioned in your statement of purpose if they find your research topic interesting? What about your chances of getting in on off the waitlist? And possibly changing your topic and subfield? In the end I did get invited.
  3. Yup I guess so too. Pretty much struck out this cycle, so I'll forget about this whole PhD thing. Was a long shot anyway.
  4. Someone posted an acceptance from CUNY on the results page. I called last week and was told decisions would be out 1st week of March. Have you heard anything? I find it a bit odd that they announce so close to their visitation day on March 20...
  5. I turned my MA thesis into a paper, submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. Got an R&R, resubmitted and got accepted. Unfortunately, the acceptance came a couple of months too late for my PhD applications...
  6. Anyone heard anything from CUNY? I know they have interviewed some people and are supposed to announce this week...
  7. Is it ok to show up if you are waitlisted, and inquire about part-time study if you don’t get full funding?
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