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  1. Hi everyone, I recently got admits from UCSD, UCI, UMD, UMich, all MS in CS. None comes with funding. I'm having a hard time making a decision, and really appreciate any help you could provide. For the context, I want to focus on AI/HCI for my MS CS. Because I am an international student, these are my top two priorities to decide: 1. ROI, or career prospect in the US after graduation 2. TA/RA opportunities, anything to help with the cost These are general feelings I had from reading through the internet and department websites (the only source I had), please cor
  2. Hi, suppose I ask 4 letters for the recommendation (three required, one for safety). And as expected, only 3 letters were done in deadline. The question is: Should I leave the last pending letter request in the application system? E.g., would it look bad to have one pending letter shown in the system, in spite of three completed letters? (Thus I should cancel the pending request.) Or I can leave it there just in case the last recommender submit it, and adcom would not care about that and just pick those three for reviewing anyway.
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