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Hi everyone, I recently got admits from UCSD, UCI, UMD, UMich, all MS in CS. None comes with funding. I'm having a hard time making a decision, and really appreciate any help you could provide.

For the context, I want to focus on AI/HCI for my MS CS.

Because I am an international student, these are my top two priorities to decide:

1. ROI, or career prospect in the US after graduation

2. TA/RA opportunities, anything to help with the cost


These are general feelings I had from reading through the internet and department websites (the only source I had), please correct me if any is wrong:

UCSD: the Design Lab, Prof. Don Norman, Scott Klemmer

- UCI: Big  school of CS & informatics, lots of professors, more resource (?)

- UMD: Research oriented, big HCI, Good TA/RA opportunities*

- UMich: Good AI, overall CS rep

(I got Texas A&M and CU Boulder, but will probably choose from 4 schools above. Please add anything that comes to your mind.)


Thank you very much.

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