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  1. Did anyone hear from UCLA? Yesterday I received an e-mail saying that my application has been received and that I should contact the office of the graduate program in order to get more information about its status. Today someone posted that he or she received a rejection via website, however, I checked the website and my application status remains "submitted", so I don't know what to expect! EDIT: No worries, the rejection e-mail just arrived ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. About UCSB. I received an e-mail by the beginning of January saying I was recommended for admission, however, I suppose to get more information about their funding package by the time of the campus visit on the 2nd of March (which, as an international applicant, I won't be able to attend). I got two other offers, but UCSB remains my first choice (assuming I'll get a rejection from UCLA, which at this point seems very likely), so it's killing me that I don't know exactly how much I suppose to get from them.
  3. That was me! I'm really excited about moving there! I'm still waiting responses from UCLA* and UW-Madison, but I must say it will be tough to choose between programs in case I receive other offers. Even though UCSB doesn't rank as high as the other two programs, I had a very good impression from the faculty member I hope to work with. *A couple of students were already admitted into the UCLA program, and I haven't heard from them yet; wonder if I had any chances.
  4. Hi hj2012 This is quite helpful indeed, thanks! I'll keep working on my SOP.
  5. Hi everyone, So, I have been working in this SOP for the Rutgers Sociology program, I would like to receive some feedback. I wonder if I'm focusing too much on specific details about my research interests and missing the whole picture. Btw, I still have to work on a closing paragraph. Thanks for your help! Let me know how I can retribute the favor. Best, André https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B33p18qwTPydVWxfdHFfTEtrZHc/view?usp=sharing SOP- Rutgers University.docx
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