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  1. xxx1232

    SIPA MPA 2018

    I was wondering if someone has ever heard about rearranging a scholarship. I mean, I believe that all the scholarship awarded by SIPA are split in equal parts between the two academic years. Would it be ok to request an antecipation of the second year's funding (receiving, for example, 75% of it in the first year)?
  2. xxx1232

    SIPA scholarship negotiation

    This is the link they sent me: https://apply.sipa.columbia.edu/register/appeal2018
  3. xxx1232

    SIPA scholarship negotiation

    The additional amount I intend to request is between 12 and 18k per year...
  4. xxx1232

    SIPA scholarship negotiation

    I sent an e-mail to the Financial Aid Office last Friday and they have just answered me. They said that those who want to appeal their funding amount must fill a form by April 9. The problem is that they will respond after April 15. So, I would have to pay the enrollment fee to secure my place before knowing my final financial aid package, which sounds a bit odd. In my particular case, I received some funding from SIPA and secured some more from external sources. All I need now to attend SIPA is a 50% increase in the scholarship amount I was originally offered. Does anyone have an opinion about how realistic is this request? I do not have any other award letter so far, as I have only applied to SIPA and HKS.
  5. xxx1232

    SIPA MPA 2018

    I was admitted in the early action with partial funding. I had also applied for other sources of funding from the Columbia University (not directly from SIPA, like the International Fellows Program) and I was expecting to see the results the same day as the regular decisions were released. I have not seen any change in my application status though. Should I assume that I have been rejected?

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