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  1. Heh got an acceptance email but I’m still on eval on the website.
  2. What the heck. Why can't they reject me already and end this
  3. Heh, some of us here submitted back in July although that was for a scholarship programme. I'm still waiting on eval but a couple others got accepted last Friday.
  4. I’m still on eval. Y’all accepted folks must’ve gotten a better night’s sleep this weekend than I did
  5. MPP, Helmut Schmidt hopeful candidate here!
  6. Early July. And way earlier than Hertie’s early too. ?
  7. Just got out of the cinemas and this was ruining my viewing experience. Got out and checked my emails and the website. No email and still under eval. ?
  8. Congratulations!!! We got one through the door y’all!!! Come on, come on, come on
  9. Bruh it’s lunch time in Berlin rn. Are they waiting till the end of the day to send rejection emails out so that they don’t gotta deal with angry replies over the weekend smh ?
  10. Man, I’m taking “try to” with a bucket of salt.
  11. Can we all talk more on here because seeing other people dying from the suspense is giving me warm, fuzzy feelings in my stomach where it would otherwise be churning because of this ordeal
  12. Good god, getting back to us next week would literally be pushing it on the upper end of "early December".
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