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  1. Yes, I heard from them in December and was lucky enough to also be accepted to that program. But I've chosen Hertie. It was a tough decision but ultimately considering the fee waiver I recieved + the high cost of living in London, I couldn't justify an additional $40-60k in loan debt. Best of luck for your application! That program sounds amazing!
  2. I also received an unconditional offer yesterday! At this point I'm leaning towards another option, but it's still great news.
  3. Hi all, Sorry to hear about the disappointing scholarship news. That's a bummer, it seems it was very competitive. I also received a 50% waiver, but as someone from the U.S. I'm beyond thrilled. For me, that means I'll be taking out loans for less than 1/4 the amount I would at home. Seems like an excellent investment from my perspective. I'll be accepting for sure!
  4. Did anyone get more news today? I emailed them to confirm over the weekend, but nothing yet. I can imagine they're very busy!
  5. Yep, looks like they're closed now. I'm obviously happy about the "Accepted" in the portal, but still a tiny bit paranoid that it was a fluke or something without the official confirmation. Hopefully Monday we'll get some more info. Congrats/good luck to everyone!
  6. My portal also says "Accepted"! No email yet.
  7. Hello! Just curious if anyone has applied to LSE for next year? I applied for the MSc in Applied Social Data Science (1st choice) and MSc in Public Policy and Administration programs late October. The website says we should expect about eight weeks to hear back, but I wonder if it might take longer given the holidays. I'd be interested to know anyone else's experience!
  8. Thanks for the update. Good luck everyone!
  9. Seriously! I'm located in California so assume I'll get notified while I'm sleeping...every morning is a bit stressful, haha! Hopefully this week is the week.
  10. I visited Hertie in September, and was really impressed with the availability of student support and services. I am confident that this is a program that will not only provide a quality education, but also plenty of opportunities for career development and employability at the end of the program. I'm also interested in the professional year and internship aspect. As someone from the U.S., the price is very competitive compared to equivalent schools here. Berlin is awesome, and my fiance is German, so moving there would work really well for us. I also applied to the Applied Social Data Sc
  11. Yeah, I emailed them a few weeks ago and they confirmed that the first round of decisions would be out late November/early December. The wait continues!
  12. Hey all! I applied for the MPP program on October 1st and am (im)patiently awaiting an answer from Hertie, as this is by far my top choice. I know it's really early in the season, but has anyone else applied yet? So curious when we'll start getting responses!
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