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  1. only got the waiver too =( all the best, everyone
  2. Acceptance email is just in. Still no news on the scholarship, though.
  3. Would anyone mind asking them whether the accepted means accepted for the scholarship as well? I don't think it does, but at least then we could be sure. I could do that but I guess I sent way too many emails already lol have a nice weekend everyone.
  4. 5pm in Berlin. Hopes for getting email responses today are quickly fading.
  5. Congrats y'all! No emails so far. I wonder if they will send out the emails within today.
  6. Hey guys, Mine shows "accepted" as well. Which is great. However, there's still the scholarship acceptance. Please if anyone hears back on the scholarship keep us posted.
  7. " Thank you for your email! That´s correct, all applicants will be informed via email. We aim to have all decision results sent out by the end of the week. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, Best regards, "
  8. I have questioned them too via email. In the response they said they would try to send out results by the end of this week. that means tomorrow, right guys?
  9. I hear ya. more like mid December, lol.
  10. I applied for the Helmut Schmidt programm . Very anxiously waiting.
  11. It's already early December and anxiety levels are through the roof
  12. Hello, All I know is that for applicants for the DAAD Helmut-Schmidt-Programm they state in the website that pursuing the dual degree is not covered by the scholarship. As for other types of scholarships I am not sure. I believe you should contact the school's admission team.
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