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  1. Jay.B

    Academic Blogs

    I don't think starting, maintaining and promoting an academic blog varies from a normal blog. I would say try to have a social media presence because LinkedIn and Facebook have blogging groups, plus, Twitter and Instagram have hashtags which can help you find other bloggers. I would also add that creating useful content and search engine optimization can be essential. SEO is a long process and you can't expect to see results overnight. Part of SEO includes using keywords like for example, does your blog come up when people Google the blog's name etc. Maybe you should take a look at this to get a glimpse of free blog providers available https://www.1and1.co.uk/digitalguide/hosting/blogs/tips-for-successful-blogging-part-1-creating-a-blog/ Which academic field do you specifically want to blog about??
  2. Haha. Good to note. I actually thought that the forum was highly mixed. Well, judging form the different threads that i have read. The forum seems to have mixed fields but maybe one genre tends to ask more questions than the others All in all...the forum is brilliant! (well, for me)
  3. I tend to have the opinion that social science people tend to use passive voice a lot more than other fields. For anyone with writing problems, I would suggest reading as much scholarly writing as possible! In addition, it is important (well, at least it was in my case) to find a professor that is willing to critique your work. Unfortunately, many professors just grade a paper and write a couple comments without really critiquing your writing.
  4. I have tried taking them with my keyboard but my keyboard seems to be in a "freezing" phase. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and this is why i want to try out an app. Any screenshot app recommendations? I would really appreciate it because i am currently writing a number of papers.
  5. Jay.B

    Hertie School of Governance 2018

    My guess is that you should all have an answer by the first week of January. A friend who lives in Berlin told me that most Universities go on break from as early as the 19th until the 2nd...
  6. Jay.B

    Hertie School of Governance 2018

    Congratulations. I wish you all the best as you apply for the scholarship
  7. Jay.B

    Death, Grief, and Taking time off

    I am really sorry about what you are going through but take it one day at a time. It helps me to think that they aren't sad that they're no longer here, but I'm the one who's sad due to their absence. I don't think there's really a correct way to cope with losing someone who was part of your life. Everyone deals with this kind of loss very differently. The important thing is that you allow yourself to feel how you want to feel. I know that a lot of people try to push away the pain, or try to put on a strong face for others but in my experience, personal and through seeing my loved ones cope with death, this only makes the process longer (not that it ever ends…), and leaves a person feeling more hostile and frustrated than anything else. It prolongs those painfully deep feelings of loss, sorrow, guilt, regret, and whatever else comes along with losing someone you love. Personally, I cope in different ways with each loss. I cry when I need to, I go on long drives where I can scream and let out my frustration somewhere away from home. I write a lot, and I try not to shy away from the memories of my lost loved one. It's hard at first, but with time, the happy memories will one day become comforting.
  8. Jay.B

    Hertie School of Governance 2018

    Let us know how it goes guys. Good luck to all of you again!
  9. I am taking a break before making my next move. I just completed a very exhausting Master's. I plan on reaching PhD level but first i am taking a break.
  10. Jay.B

    Joint Degree

    If the job you want to go into would use both of them then it could work but only if at least one is relevant. Here in England people usually only take one subject at uni. Sometimes we have joint honours Degrees but they're unusual and quite often a subject paired with a language. Which is good if you later want to work for an international organisation using the said language plus the skills from the other part of your degree such as business or IT. I wish you lots of good luck in your journey.
  11. A friend wants to study BA in Anthropology because he thinks it will be quite interesting, however, he wants to know if he has a good chance in getting a job afterwards? What fields of work can an Anthropologist work in?
  12. I don't think it really plays a significant role, but then again this really boils down to the University and how they might interpret this. I would research more about it before doing this..maybe reach out to students in both departments you are applying to.
  13. Jay.B

    Tips of academic writing

    I have a Quick question that is sought of related to this....i was reading somewhere that you can get free Grammarly Premium Membership for a week. Is this true? Please reply because i need to edit one paper.
  14. I studied a semester at University of Sussex (UK) and absolutely loved it! Good luck to you
  15. Hve you tried checking the university website? Or maybe you could try and email a staff member of the University. This could be a useful strategy.

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