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  1. Happy New Year 2018!

    2017: Got good grades yada yada yada, got 2 interviews (so far), made a quite few new friends. 2018: Have fun!! Try a few more crazy things before finishing undergrad, start off PhD program well.
  2. Official /grimesposting/ thread

    Yay Grimes!!!!
  3. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    My cryptos aren't gaining value fast enough!!!! They've only tripled since I first bought!!!!
  4. I'm kind of new to the site but have noticed that there are many more social science than physical science people here. If you look at the subforums for different fields of study you'll see many more posts in those about the arts, humanities, and social sciences than natural sciences. Are art or social science people more likely to post on message boards? More likely to stress about grad apps? better at trolling? Are natural science people more likely to lurk? Any thoughts?
  5. Corvallis, OR

    I'm currently finishing up my undergrad at OSU. Overall, Corvallis is a great town - it's pretty small (which is fine, the size of the uni makes up for it) but the downtown is nice and it has many great natural areas in close proximity. Housing is pretty cheap - I'm currently paying 433 a month in rent which is pretty typical for the area. In Corvo (as the locals call it) you're only 90 minutes from Portland and 50 from Eugene, so you can find plenty of things to do on the weekends if you get bored with Corvallis after a few years. The weather is great april - Oct/nov but Dec through march you generally get a lot of cold, rainy days (you'll learn to love them). People are nice, generally liberal with a small but appreciable amount of conservatives, and welcoming. 10/10 would recommend corvallis
  6. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I accidentally switched my V and Q scores lol
  7. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Undergrad institution: Oregon State UniversityMajor(s): Biochemistry & BiophysicsMinor(s): Physics, ChemistryGPA in Major: 3.82Overall GPA: 3.88 - I also have a 4.00 GPA in my physics 'minor' which is closer to a major than a minorPosition in Class: idk, probably top 3 to 5 as it is a small majorGRE Scores/%ileQ: 162 - 91stV: 169 - 96thW:4.0 - 60thResearch Experience: 3-ish years with a few really light terms and one summer off in a lab that does biochem/molecular bio/a little bit of comp bio, might be on a paper before I graduate as like 6th author (it was a big-ish project)Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for calc based physics as a sophomore/junior LORs - PI who knows me really well and thinks I'm awesome - Head Undergrad physics advisor, I TA'd for his general physics classes also - Physics prof I took 3 classes from Honors: Scholarship for top Biochem student at uni who wants research career a few other scholarships/departmental grantsApplying to Where: Cornell - Biophysics Harvard - Biophysics JHU - Molecular Biophysics CU Boulder - Chemistry Add a few safety schools probably but i don't really care about those