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  1. Hi Byeeeee, hi everyone, I will start the MPP at the Hertie School of Governance as well and I have already found a place to stay. I will move into a nice flat close to the "Tempelhofer Feld" on the the first of March and I am looking for a flatmate. If anyone is interested and looking for a flat already we could exchange Information on the flat and each other. Of course I would love to share a flat with another "Hertian" For everyone else, who will not be in Berlin that early: Try http://www.wg-gesucht.de/ . it is by far the best website for student-housing in Germany.
  2. Congrats and thanks for sharing the information. There are only one or two office hours left today, so the notifications should go out any minute! That would be so amazing!
  3. Congrats mate! I received an acceptance email, but so far no information on the scholarship/financial aid.
  4. Hey folks, I just got off the phone with the Hertie School´s admissions office: They will send out an email to those accepted tomorrow, including the scholarship decision! Looks like we will know a lot more tomorrow! Until then: Keep up the spirit and best wishes from Germany!
  5. Hi Aischwarya, you might have to wait quite a bit longer. When I talked to them in November, they said that they would consider all applications submitted before the first of December during their first application evaluation and scholarship session. That might mean that you will have to wait until their next session. However I am not sure whether that is still applicable as they still haven't send out any acceptance emails (they just changed the status on the website). Maybe you will be lucky enough to be considered this week as well I wish you the best of luck!
  6. Not yet, no I guess they will send out acceptance emails once they have evaluated all.
  7. Amazing news, everyone: I just refreshed the application website and my new status on there is "Accepted" If I am at all able to fund it, I will definitely go to Hertie as it is clearly my first choice! How did it go for you?
  8. Thanks for sharing, mate! I will be checking my emails every 30 minutes today
  9. I really can´t wait anymore! Go Hertie Admissions Office, go!
  10. Hi htlbp, the status of my application was never displayed as "under consideration", just as "Evaluation". I received an email to confirm that they have received all of my documents. Hope everything is going well for you
  11. Hey guys, I have completed my application as well, hoping to receive an offer in December! Why did you choose to apply for the MPP at Hertie? I have also applied to other public policy schools and so far I am not 100% sure whether I would choose the Hertie School or rather the MPP in Oxford or at the LSE.
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