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  1. I was accepted to the MIA programme in either early January or late December (cannot remember right now)! My GPA is a 3.6 (US). I submitted my application the day the cycle opened in October though!
  2. Hi! I've been creeping through this thread and am so excited to hear other people are also going to Hertie! I've accepted and paid my tuition deposit and bought my plane ticket (from the US)!!! So excited!!!! Now to just find a flat lol
  3. Hi! I will not be moving there until late August unfortunately. How did you already find your place? Are you in Europe already or from the USA or elsewhere?
  4. Has anyone else been accepted to and decided on the Hertie School of Governance? I've sent in my tuition deposit and all that so now I'm looking into housing ... and eek! Housing is difficult to come by in Berlin, as everyone warned me. There's these sites like SpotaHome and Wunderflats and others but I feel like they could totally be scams? Anyone else exploring options? Anyone out there at all?
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