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  1. Apparently there is a very small internal waitlist for Emory. Emory interviews were super chill. If anyone has an interview there at the end of Feb, don't sweat.
  2. ^ Is your Emory interview next week or later in Feb?
  3. Interesting, because I was told by the coordinator they would extend interviews until mid-Feb. Thanks.
  4. Just saw a NYU Neural Science rejection on the results page today. If that person is reading this, was the rejection post last week's interview, or rejection with no interview? Hopefully they'll let some of us in limbo land know information before the second round of interviews there. Also, anyone else in limbo for UNC? Worried my application is just lost at this point with no interview *or* rejection, and interview weekend for neuro is next week. Double also, I know someone said they think Berkeley and UCLA are done with sending interviews, but I haven't heard any other confirmation of this, especially since earlier in January I called Berkeley and they said they are still sending out invites + same with UCLA. I know I have a very 'gray area' application, so I know I'll probably be in limbo land for at least a few more weeks.
  5. ^ The website also doesn't list a rejection :/
  6. Anyone else not get an interview or rejection from UNC BBSP? Would appreciate at least some closure, as I am waiting in limbo land on 4 programs with ~Dec 1 application deadlines.
  7. I'm interested in reapplying to a single program due to personal circumstances (UC Berkeley). While they haven't formally rejected me, I have lost any hope at an interview at this point. 3 faculty members told me I am a great fit, but of course my grades are probably holding me back. Took 3 grad level neuro classes postbacc and got As so I'm not sure what to do about grades at this point. Any advice for this? I'm pretty disappointed in my pending rejection based on my fit and communication with members of faculty, but perhaps I rubbed them the wrong way when I had a phone call with one of the professors. I have interviews at two schools which I will not name, but I will say @BabyScientist I may see you if I end up going on one of the interviews I also currently work at one of the programs you have an interview at so if you want any advice PM me! While I personally didn't apply, I'm very familiar with a large portion of the faculty and most grad students. I'm sure you can guess which school.
  8. Currently planning for re-application for next year. Have yet to hear back from 4 schools, but I'm assuming they're going to be rejections since interviews have gone out for all 4 programs. Any advice on how to improve next year? Number one goal is to improve GRE, but anything else? Program of Interest: Neuroscience PhD GPA: 3.2 (upward trend; senior year GPA 4.0 & last 2 years GPA 3.6) GRE: V 158 Q 156 AWA 5.5 (problematic) Demographics: Domestic white female from BIG 10 school Research: Total of 5.5 years doing research in 3 different labs. 3 years in UG and 2.5 (about to be 3) years as a RA. 1) Worked for 2 years in UG in an epigenetics lab. 1 poster presentation, but in the end wasn't interested in the research question, so I left the lab. 2) Worked for 3 years in UG in a cogneuro lab but my grad student graduated before we could submit our paper, and so the paper is just sitting on my PI's desk at this point 3) Worked (working) for 3.5 (about to be 4) years in a lab doing electrophysiology. 2 posters at SfN, 1 oral presentation, 1 pub (coauthor), 2 pubs in prep (first author). Completely independent work (I am training postdocs and PhD students in the lab, nobody oversees my work except my PI). 2 fantastic letters, 1 good letter. SOP was looked over by many people and I thought it was great, but I could be wrong. I tried to make sure my research compensated for my grades, but it looks like it hasn't worked out in my favor. My PIs who wrote my great letters are well connected, and have told me they don't understand what has gone wrong, and to reapply next year. I'm assuming its my GRE/GPA that's the problem. Masters degree? More research experience? What should I do for next year?
  9. Feeling really impatient. I just want the rejection from this one school so I can stop worrying about it. I called and they said they are still sending things out, but I'm not sure how much truth is in that statement. I don't want to annoy them, but at the same time, I just would appreciate a word about my status so I can find out how I can improve my application for next year.
  10. Anyone heard from Berkeley neuro? I am assuming no word means rejection at this point since people are being redirected from neuro admission to their MCB program. 2 days ago I phoned the neuro department and their program coordinator said they are still sending things out, but I'm starting to lose hope. I'd like to know soon so I can stop worrying about it, as it's the last place I haven't heard from.
  11. Hi I am from one of the places you have listed! Congrats on interviews!! Raincoat won’t cut it in the colder temps. In February expect things to dip into single digits/below zero this year. You’ll be walking outside at the place I am from so definitely wear boots BUT not nice ones because the salt will absolutely kill them. Leggings under pants may be overkill but if you’re from somewhere warm then maybe you’ll be more comfortable in that. Definitely layer. And bring a hat/gloves!
  12. According to the results page they usually go out all on the same day, so I've lost all hope for Berkeley. Someone here said they go out over two weeks but I'm not sure. I'm kind of hoping that no news is good news since I've also seen on the results page that they'll tell you straight up no you're rejected sorry when you inquire, but who knows. Kind of disappointed because I talked to three POIs, two in person, one via phone, and two said I'd be a great fit so really I'm feeling like reaching out to POIs is pointless.
  13. Sorry to keep asking, but has anyone heard about Berkeley sending out any more invites? I emailed the coordinator but no response. I know it’s the holidays so I assume my email has been lost through the cracks. It’s my top choice by a ton so if there’s any info I’d love to know!
  14. I emailed NYU and the woman said it's in waves. They send out invites to their top applicants, rejections to the bottom, and if you're in the middle, you'll either be invited or rejected over the next few weeks. I also emailed Berkeley but have not gotten a response. UCSD is most likely a rejection if you haven't heard from them already. UCLA is still going out after the holidays. Emory is done with invites. (this is all for neuro)
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