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  1. Vanier 2019-2020

    Ohhhhh brain fart!
  2. Vanier 2019-2020

    I find that link to the Waterloo page really interesting (and possibly incorrect or misleading), since there is actually no spot on the Vanier application to list that many pubs... On the application, you are instructed to only include 5, so I only included one of each type (e.g. article, conference presentation, poster presentation). How about you guys? Where were you able to include all that info? I'm guessing the Waterloo page is including current stats for Vanier winners, meaning, they may not have had this many pubs when they applied. My two cents.
  3. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    EXACTLY what I'm feeling I've already warned my friends, I'll either be ecstatic or super sad that day...... on a positive note: only 2 weeks left!!!!!!
  4. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    Do you know if this is a snail mail letter? Or electronic? I'm just thinking if it's snail mail, maybe it will come sooner than March 30
  5. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    I've inquired and they said "end of March"! So, I'm going to count down to March 30/31 .......... 23 days left!
  6. SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    I'm at U of T and JUST received the acknowledgement email!
  7. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    Can March 30 come sooner?! Do you know if the results are updated online or sent through snail mail?
  8. Having Difficulty Deciding on a Public Health Concentration (MPH)

    My undergrad degree was focused on health promotion! Immediately after, I did my masters and focused more on public health policy.... so I did mostly that type of work! Honestly, job market was great. I accepted 4 offers months before I even graduated... I was mostly applying to govt jobs at different levels. Best advice = network your butt off! It doesn't pay off for awhile, but when it pays, it pays off all at once! Good luck!
  9. Having Difficulty Deciding on a Public Health Concentration (MPH)

    Yes I am! I did not do an MPH, although I did a MPH-type undergrad and worked in the field for a bit!
  10. SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    U of T also!
  11. Having Difficulty Deciding on a Public Health Concentration (MPH)

    I think there are merits to the community health stream. It opens the doors to a lot of different job opportunities (think health promotion, public health policy, etc.) that epi and biostats just wouldn't. Unless you are aiming for a data analysis job, I would say stay in the community health stream. In terms of marketability, well that depends on your hustle! I think you can use the community health stream to your advantage when you apply to jobs, as you can market yourself as knowledgable in so many different domains vs just data. My 2 cents!
  12. SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    I still haven't received an email... :/
  13. SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    same boat as you!
  14. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    Thanks! I just checked what research net says online, it updated to "in peer review". I am so anxious about the results! Some days I think I have no chance because my demonstrated research and academic excellence sections are relatively weak, whereas other days I think my leadership section will outshine the others... who knows! Wish 77 days could come sooner lol
  15. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    Nominated for the SSHRC national competition, waiting eagerly for the results!