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  1. The first wave of offers of admission went out the previous week. However, the waitlist has not been finished yet. (according to the graduate administrator from U Pitt) If not a secret, what is the subfield of your research interest?
  2. I applied to Rochester (comparative). However, I have not heard from them. I have no idea how they make the decisions. Have you any updates regarding Rochester?
  3. Rejection from Cornell. It seems to me that this cycle is over for me. I've learned my lesson.While this experience is useful, it nonetheless has a bitter aftertaste. It is time to start preparing for the second attempt in upcoming autumn. Congrats to those of you who did it! I wish you success in your future endeavors! And yes, please, do not forget to share your experience at the very end of the cycle!
  4. And yes, got a rejection letter from the University of British Columbia.
  5. Hello, guys. Any news regarding Rochester?
  6. Has anyone applied to Rochester? Have you received any news from this University?
  7. A rejection letter from the University of Washington (Seattle).
  8. Such kind of questions enormously instigates trolls activities
  9. I guess, at the end of this application cycle some of us will need to organize a group of anonymous "former applicants"... But, hopefully, I'm wrong!
  10. If it is not a secret, what is the field of your interest?
  11. well...I want to believe that not all decisions have been made. However, my optimism is dwindling every minute....:(
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