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  1. dontor

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    Thanks, let's just say i've always lived in cities with not the best bar/dating/online dating scenes and I'm hoping that will change in grad. Although, still waiting to hear from other universities and will decide after visit weekends.
  2. dontor

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    I just got into Boston University and was wondering how the dating life is there? Friends have said online dating is way more active there.
  3. I would think Stanford notifying applicants for interviews so late might hurt them since students will probably have accepted offers, no?
  4. does anyone know if they take multiple days to send invites? otherwise oh well...
  5. Does anyone know chances of Yale acceptance post POI interview? I know it depends on research fit, etc. but does anyone know how many people a POI might interview? thanks
  6. I didn't apply to Penn (idk why, maybe cause I wasn't interested in living there). I didn't apply to JHU either. I visited and just got this pretentious and arrogant vibe unfortunately... those things matter to me but i'm sure not to the majority
  7. I heard from Boston University that I got in today!! One of my top choices. Does anyone know if they do visit weekends? Or maybe I should just ask if I can tour.
  8. lol thanks... too much waiting sigh
  9. @laveritecestla did you hear from Stanford BioE? Just curious why it's red. Have people heard back for interviews already?
  10. how many places do people apply on average to have the best chance of getting in? I applied to 13, a lot of them in top 25 ranked (5 or so in top 10), cause my friend said you really want a phd, just go ahead and apply to as many to give it your best shot getting in somewhere.
  11. Cornell BME Meng has rolling admissions and deadline is May 30. I applied a couple days ago and am wondering if I’m too late. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back and know anything about the program. Thanks
  12. Does anyone know how long Cornell BME Meng program takes to give decision? The deadline is May 30 and I applied a couple days ago. Since it’s rolling and I’m applying late, I don’t know if I’m too late and have a shot at getting in. Any reviews of this program would be helpful information as well. thanks
  13. dontor

    Fulbright 2018-2019

    Yup, I checked my other email. Did not get it. oh well. Life moves on...
  14. dontor

    Fulbright 2018-2019

    I guess german research still not out, also how did you get notified, email?
  15. dontor

    Fulbright 2018-2019

    Yeah, I didn't receive an interview either and my advisors told me there'd be no interview. I also started doing Duolingo but will do a more formal class if I receive the scholarship. @JH437 what city did you apply with/what field?

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