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  1. dontor

    Charlottesville, VA

    just for any future readers... i will add that after visiting uva and meeting the bme students and faculty, it seems like a great environment that is working hard to increase their diversity and be inclusive for everyone!
  2. dontor

    Charlottesville, VA

    no i've grown up in america but i'm from pakistan. i also don't have an accent if that matters. regardless, i'll try to make my final decision about my future research, how i feel regarding just the uva culture and lab in which i'll be in. but i this was just more of a concern regarding the surrounding areas
  3. dontor

    Charlottesville, VA

    I am considering UVA for grad. Unfortunately i had a bad incident in a town 20 minutes away. My friend and I went to eat at a restaurant. The waitress only addressed my friend. I didn't give a crap but she was definitely being racist. All the students i met at uva were nice and cool but idk if i want to live in an environment where i notice that sort of thing so close to the university and where i'll be living for next 5-6 years. convince me otherwise, i'd like to hear someone else's view... maybe i shouldnt consider that factor into account
  4. @Ayub2306 I believe UVA BME is done. Interview dates are Feb 28 and March 7 weekends.
  5. What about places in India? I see you are from there. Also I would say don't get caught in the prestige. It is an incredible honor to just do a phd and get to contribute to society. But best of luck in whatever future direction you take your life.
  6. i was emailed my status had been updated on the portal. The portal stated waitlisted.
  7. i believe so. yale sent out decisions today, waitlisted oh well BU was my top choice anyway for BU all students for all weekends have been invited so i think they are done for now...
  8. hi @ruiruiruij did you receive an official acceptance letter from Yale or confirmation from a professor? Thanks
  9. How'd your interview go? I'm going to the Feb 28 visit weekend.
  10. as long as they are paying!
  11. Thanks guys! I sent a thank you email on the day of the interview. Results page shows Yale probably will let students know next week, so will see!
  12. It was a Skype interview actually that happened a couple weeks ago. could have gone better but oh well...
  13. thanks girlbui anyone here apply to Yale? I got an interview there but was just wondering what my chance of acceptance was.
  14. if we haven't heard from ucla yet, is that a no? I didn't get an interview nor info about visit.

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