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  1. Looking for housing to rent/roommates in Boston/Cambridge area for 8/1 lease. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  2. It means they liked you a lot and probably gave good words to the admissions director. Good job! Hope you get in to the program.
  3. How is the gay and music scenes in Boston/Cambridge areas like? And specifically what about Harvard University and SoM?
  4. crafting personal statements that tailor to each program and asking three recommenders that can testify to your independent research abilities or general skills that a grad student needs to possess are keys to a great application. The rest will likely become footnotes if these two sections are top-notch. And of course, make sure you can live up to it in interviews. Having a first-author publication will be the cherry on top. Also, almost no biology or biomedical programs require GRE anymore. I will check with the specific programs tho
  5. Any pros and cons of these programs/schools/cities would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. They only have two interview weekends as far as I know and they didn't mention plans of interviewing any more people so I would move on at this point. But who knows, I've heard stories of some programs offering interviews even after the April 15th deadline. Keep your options open at this point. Edit: but since you're an international applicant, I'm not sure if they would offer skype interviews and such later on.
  7. pexygalax

    Baltimore, MD

    how is the gay scene in bmore like?
  8. I believe Harvard BBS already sent out all invites to everyone. I think Chapel Hill also did the same. Not sure about the other two programs though. Best of luck!
  9. Yes, someone I know received an acceptance. He was a recruit during the first interview weekend.
  10. Yes, just received the interview itinerary/schedule from them earlier. Do you mean that or do you mean the travel itinerary? I received my travel itinerary in December shortly after completing the form confirming the interview.
  11. It depends on the school and usually they let you know in the invite email. But to be on the safe side just wear business casual (chinos or slacks based on your preference and button-up shirt or a more casual dress shirt should suffice, for men). A cardigan (or a blazer if you wanna appear more formal) can be added if you think you'll be outside for quite a bit.
  12. Apparently earlier this afternoon EST. There were 2 posts in the Results section.
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