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  1. Many thanks everyone for all the help! A couple I looked at are already full for the class.
  2. I am tossing up between Longwood and USU for anatomy. I have heard USU does not cover the ear in their course on anatomy for speech, so we have to take another course too, but at Longwood it is combined.
  3. Thanks! When I first looked at the model requirement I was surprised, but now I am thinking it would really help cement things if I can manage it. I am full time plus in work and will take 2 subjects - great to hear your load was manageable with it.
  4. Hi, I am looking for one leveling subject which I can do from overseas, online, at my local time. The subject is head and neck anatomy, which translates to anatomy of speech and hearing I think. Has anyone had experience with Longwood, USU or UM please? I quite like the idea of Longwood, but am wondering abut the workload as it seems to have so many assessment items. There might be others online that are good, so would be grateful for any advice!
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