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    I just accepted my offer to Columbia. I have guaranteed housing for 5 years. Anyone have experience with living in Columbia's housing? Any tips or tricks for the application? I plan on living on campus for the first year or two and staying if I like it, but if I find a better option elsewhere I will take that. I also, being an anthro student, will be gone for research at least a year and will likely be gone every summer, which brings to mind questions of subletting.
  2. Acceptance from Columbia. I have some questions for someone who might have the low down on housing and summer funding..just general logistics stuff Unknnown: Harvard/ University of Toronto / WUSTL / Vanderbilt Interview :Stanford Accepted: Princeton // Columbia // U of Illinois Champaign Urbana Other: CUNY, 2nd round but turned them down
  3. @perpetualalligator Hey thanks! Nothing from Harvard or CUNY...though from what I understand some people have gotten interviews from Harvard (based on the results board)..but perhaps they aren't sending them all at once? I don't know.
  4. Confirmed. Stanford sent email out asking to schedule and interview. It also said that it was set out to other applicants and all times will be established once all applicants have replied to the email.
  5. I got an acceptance email from Grad director. I still have yet to receive an email about the nuts and bolts of the whole thing, or the official acceptance letter. Also received POI emails over the weekend. I assume this coming week we will see formal emails for acceptance etc. Applied : 9 | Accepted: 2 | Interview: 1 | Rejected: 0 | University of Toronto, Princeton University, Stanford University, CUNY GC, U. Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Vanderbilt, Washington University St. Louis, Harvard University, Columbia University
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