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  1. Any opinions on UWisconsin Biostat v. UNC Biostat, I know UNC is technically the better program but their lack of computing is worrying me a little.
  2. I'm so close to the deadline and I just can't decide. Both program offers are fully funded for all 5 years. I want to focus in cancer clinical trials, so I feel like Wisconsin may have better opportunities for research but UNC has a better overall program and faculty. Any help/advice would be appreciated!
  3. I've also heard of notifications coming until 9pm, so we could still get a maintenance notification tonight.
  4. I got a call from them back in December but haven't heard anything since then. I reached out to one of their administrative coordinators last week and said decisions would be coming soon.
  5. I got a call from U Michigan in late December, 2017 with a faculty member that seemed very positive. I have yet to hear anything else yet. Has anyone else experienced this? Biostatistics PhD, Fall 2018 Applied: Michigan, Minnesota, Harvard, Emory, Wisconsin, Purdue Accepted: UNC Rejected: Washington
  6. To comment, I received an email with my funding offer this afternoon. I imagine others will be coming shortly if you haven't received it already.
  7. I was accepted to UNC the end of December and still haven't heard funding notifications for next year. I have heard about visits, so if you haven't I'd make sure to reach out to the department
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